Tuesday, June 13, 2006

WorldofPodCast: Public Test Realm Episode 1 (1.11)

World of Podcast hosted by Sam has put out it's first WorldofPodCast: Public Test Realm Episode 1 (1.11)

He did a superb job covering the upcoming patch.
Very informative, concise information, and the best of crude commentary!

"....licks my left nut and then fucking rubs it with sand paper"


Saturday, June 10, 2006

WoW fan film - Eternal Legend (TW)

I really enjoyed the way they artistically composed the WoW images into anime compositions. Very cool.

WoW Fan Film -Eternal Legend


Friday, June 09, 2006

Shaman Love

Thank you for the update info guys. I'm extermely happy to learn that Shamans, in fact, can NOT enter into indoor areas with Ghost Wolf form. YES! I can stop hating them and go back to disliking them. :D

Also a great email clarifying the difference between starfire and starshards.

see the emails below!

Hi Alachia,

Santo (Shaman on Hyjal), dont hate me.
Im a big fan of your Podcast and I just got done
hearing your interview with Sam on Wowcast Ep.15.
Just wanted to clarify that Shaman CANNOT use
Ghostwolf form indoors or anywhere considered "inside"
(like caves, etc.). They have never been able to.

Good work with the show, keep it up!



Hi Alachia,

I just wanted to send in a quick email about the Shaman Ghost Wolf. Sam
indicated that the Shaman can use this form anywhere. That is incorrect. It's
not useable indoors or in instances.

Don't hate the Shaman. We rock.

Love the show, keep it up

60 Shaman
The Pod People


Hey Alachia,

Yeah, me again. I was re-listening (I’m a podcast addict) to episode 15. There has been some confusion in several podcasts about starshards and starfire. Starshards is an elf priest racial spell. It is a channeled 6 second DoT that maxes out at Rank 7 with 936 points of arcane damage over the channeling time. I’m not sure if it’s interruptible. Starfire is a druid spell which is the largest direct damage spell we get. At Rank 7 this spell does 496-584 points of arcane damage. It has a 3.5 second cast. Hope that helps the confusion a little.

Really a great podcast!


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