Sunday, December 24, 2006

The Shaman at Fry's

I stopped by Fry's last week to look for a new keyboard for a mac for the office. I know I know.. I hate having to use macs while I'm at work initial attempts to convert the office has failed. Plus, the way these guys use computers, it's probably for the best. If you ever want to come see people triple and quadruple click applications, I can schedule you a tour through my office. hehehe. I always used to wonder who those idiots were that clicked those pop up windows that say "CLICK HERE to blah blah blah"

Anyhow, while I was at Fry's Electronics, I decided to pick up a Girls of Gaming magazine Volume 4 for a friend for Christmas. It's bascially a gaming magazine that features all the hot chicks from all the video games out there. And FYI, Webzen does the best job on women characters..gorgeous!

So I went to go check out, and the dude at the counter was like.."Girls of Gaming??? You a gamer?"

"Yeah and the magazine is for a friend" -me

"Oh yeah? What games do you play?" -Fry's Guy

"Right now? World of Warcraft and BF2142" -me

"cool! I play World of Warcraft! I just started a few months ago. I play horde. I'm a tauren shaman" - Fry's Guy

*I flinch and roll my eyes*

"of course you are" -me

"yeah, totally can't wait till BC comes out! I'm going to make a Draenai Shaman" - Fry's Guy

*flinch again*

"I want to have every posssible Shaman combination" -Fry's Guy

*flinch again*

"I see, you want to cover all your bases" -me (with a nervous laughter)

"Have a Happy Holidays! Frost Shock!!!" -Fry's Guy

Okay. he didn't say Frost Shock but he might as well have!

so yeah! Lucky me, my check out clerk was a 3x shaman hopeful. LOL.

sheesh! They're everywhere. Shaman are invading the world!


Anonymous said...

learn to love the shaman Alachia, they will soon be fighting side by side with you. I'm sure your going to learn to love totems. And Herosim is going to be amazing, 30% increased attack and cast speed for 40 seconds.

Anonymous said...

WoW for life, minus the shamans? :)

Merry Christmas

P.S. I totally would have yelled "Counterspell, Tauren scum!" as I walked away :D

Anonymous said...

Least he wasn't a Paladin too. That may have been the step too far.

Alachia said...

LOL. I know I know..I shouldn't be such a Shammy Hater but I just can't help it.. it's like 4 characters of leveling hatred instinct I'm fighting against!

Who knows though, right? After BC, I might do a 360 and be a total Shammyphile.

Anonymous said...

I doubt it.


Anonymous said...

Don't be hating on the Macs! Hatin' on the Shamans is ok.

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