Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Mother F#$@! Taser!

The First shot is pretty impressive isn't it!? I was like woah! An eco-sphere! They really made the most out of the "off-world" theme. So Netherstorm! I came, I saw, I admired, I got bugged out. LOL. We spent the ENTIRE night trying to do the quest Nexus-King Salhadaar for the Ameer's Impulse Taser. The last boss continually bugged out over and over and over again. You basically have to do a series of 5 quests that lead up to the end boss.

Step 1. The Ethereum. Kill Lots of Shit (easy)
Step 2. Ethereum Data. Find some data box (even easier)
Step 3. Potential for Brain Damage = High. Kill More of the same mobs and gather an essence. Use the essence to see invisible mobs. Kill THOSE mobs to collect relay data. Out of all of us, Felix had the easiest time. He'd use the essence, dot all the mobs around him up until the essence timer faded. The DOTs persisted even though he was out of the essence and the mobs would die. He'd then use the essence again and collect the relay data off the dead mobs. Brilliant. Nurf locks. :) (annoying)
Step 4. S-A-B-O-T-A-G-E. Get a ethereum wrapping off of a mob.(easy)
Step 5. Delivering the Message. Escort some mummy to a conduit and then destroy it. (easy)
Step 6. Nexus-King Salhadaar. Break down the three conduits around Salhadaar and kill him and the two elite ads he spawns. (should be easy enough with a five man group unless it's BUGGED TO HELL)

Yeah, we'd break down the conduits and he'd just stand there and follow people around. I was like cool, like my new non-combat pet? So we just slaughtered mobs around the area while waiting for him to despawn and respawn.

Towards 1am, we were finally able to find the right combination as to not bug him out. We had Sadin break all the conduits, saving the last one to break in the area closest to edge of the world. It took all of us dying, but we completed the bloody quest! I got my taser!

If it weren't for that quest, we'd all probalby be like 69 and a quarter. Instead, I'm still two bubbles away from 69. :( OH well, we were ahead of schedule anyhow. Good luck to all those who attempt this guy in the next few days.

We parked ourselves in Area 52 for the night. It has a bank! yeah! We'll resume our normal questing schedule tomorrow. :)


Anonymous said...

Shattrah (sp?) city has a bank as well...my old roommate was trying to tell me one didn't exist when I ran into it doing some turn in's last night...so much for that.

Anonymous said...

That's why he's your ex-roommate, right? You kicked him out for his bank lies, all lies and slander!

Anonymous said...

Exactly. Wow lies are not tolerated in my home. He now lives in a box somewhere.

Alachia said...

hahaha. yeah.
I've been to the banks in Shat many times.

But we've been questing non-stop that I haven't had any opportunity to go back to Shat. Blade's Edge didn't have a bank so I was really hurting for bag space. I had to keep mailing all my stuff to alts.

But Area 52 in Netherstorm has a bank! Yeah! So now I have more bag room. It's an interesting town, a close model to Gadget in Tanaris.

Anonymous said...

'But we've been questing non-stop that I haven't had any opportunity to go back to Shat'

you know you play too much when...

Alachia said...

"play too much"

do those words even belong together??? hahahaha.

JAE baby! Just Ain't Enough!

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