Tuesday, January 23, 2007


One word to say here: Allergies. YES. You can get allergies in this instance. It's hilarious...well sort of. I think it's awesome because of the concept. And I have bad allergies in RL so it struck me as amusing. But yeah..for like 2-3 minutes you occasionally sneeze which causes you to FALL OVER. The not so pleasant part is that it interrupts your cast and drinking. It took me 4 attempts to rez Sadin yesterday because my character was sneezing so much. hahahaha.. It was one of those weird annoyances but it made me laugh every time.
All the boss fights are super easy. And none of the junk mobs are difficult either, as long as you only pull a cluster of 4-5 at a time. Hungarfen is the big green swamp-thing looking boss. He has a talent for shitting out mushroom. We've hypothesized that he shits the seeds all around you. The next thing you know, some little mushroom is growing next to you and WHAM, you get critically nature damaged. We had damage meters reset for that boss fight and Felix was going at it like crazy. Next thing you know, Hungarfen turns around and smacks the living shit out of him. Then Felix goes "oh shit! okay okay, I'll slow down!".....but in the next second, he pulls agro again and WHAM, he's knocked out cold (aka, dead). Then he says "shit, okay...next tiime I'll stop." hahahaha.
We had a significant amount of DPS when we ran the instance last night. For fun Taint respeced BOOMkin, as they are calling it now. The bonus increase to spell damage was sick sick sick. Plus, Maebee brought her NE Shadow Priest so we had double VE (vamperic embrace, VT (vamperic touch), misery, and shadowweaveing...and on top of THAT, we had Felix's COS (curse of shadows). Holy Mother of DPS!
We finally picked up enough rep from the Spore-peeps to get the quests for the Coilfang Res Instances. So running them again last night was uber XP gain. If you didn't know, you need to be collecting those glowcaps that are like EVERYWHERE. Or at least they were EVERYWHERE until we needed them for the quest. hahaha. Also, it's good to keep collecting them because that's what the spore-men use as their currency. Unless you're on BF, in which case, don't pick the glowcaps, they're all mine! hehehe...*evil laughter*
The last boss is pretty wicked in terms of looks and abilities, The Black Stalker. He reminds of something right out of The War of the Worlds. During the fight, he'll zap you with chain lightning damage. Don't clump together or else you're sap you're party mates too. My favorite part though is when he shoots this ray at you and lifts you out of the ground into the air. You can still cast while you're up there so keep wailing on him. So far, I haven't been able to pull agro while up there...so I havne't seen it as a bad thing....just so long as the healer and tank stay within range.
We hit 64.5 last night. Tonight we finish off the rest of the gazillion Zangarmarsh quests we have. I just don't know how to stop. "All you can play buffet!" I'm telling you, it's like a MMORPG orgy out there.


Trevor said...

Just wait till you hit Auchindon and Karazan, PS I can't spell tonight.

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