Saturday, March 31, 2007


Scryer vs Aldor, Jimmy's not so true tragically hilarious story..

hehehhe. "And Oh my freakin' god, did I type fast"
"cuz you went Aldor, b1otch!"...
"then she sends me the triple dot"



Friday, March 30, 2007

Interesting Observations

Some interesting observations I've made in the past week...

A totem war in the Scryer Bank.

Imps have earings.

Gnomes are a very scary looking something from Chucky.

Apparently, you can lose your skin in the game. I found this quite bizzare.


Text Mod

Hey. I'm brewing up a new fanatical scheme.
Does anyone know of a way to capture raid text or party text in the game besides
screenshots? I was hoping for something that could capture text in text format kind of like fraps does for video and sound.


/cry more

Anonymous said...

Don't you noobs ever get tired of regurgitating the same shit over and over? I know, WoW is your first mmorpg, /jizz. Oh no, I don't know what is happening to me. I enjoy killing pixels more than yapping at morons at a bar.

Who gives a fuck? Just play the game and STFU with your emo nonsense.

8:26 AM

It's cute it really is. Because you guys same the same thing over and over again yourselves. But you have yet to come up with an answer to my questions. Seriously, if it was as easy as shutting the F up and playing, my dear, I would.

Unfortunately, my brain isn't as one sided as some. And I am implored to actually use it and I'm sorry if I self reflect too much on something you think is trivial.

This is me and you are allowed to loathe and hate it. You're even allowed to throw the "emo twat" comment at me. You get to be you and I get to be me. That's the beauty of this world as well as my meta-world and the sad thing is that you'll never get it.

Keep your comments coming. I'm growing a fondness for understanding this flip side of MMO tunnel-vision.

If this comment had just been directed at me, I think I would have ignored it or deleted it as normal but it came after 11 other comments. This is my blog and I want people to feel free to post their reflections and stories and opinions constructively without fear of ridicule.

I wanted to keep the anonymous feature open for people who didn't have time to register with bloggger/blogspot. However, I think I might need to disable it to weed out people who use it as easymode flaming. Damn, how did the trolls find me!?


Thursday, March 29, 2007

Dual Talent Personality

I guess I'm having a bit of a dual talent personality crisis. :)
That's the beauty of the hybrid class though. I just don't know which talent best suits me. First, if we're talking about which talent spec I have the most fun in, the answer is both. I love the DPS/VE combination A LOT! But I also like the responsibility and challenge of main healing.

To avoid the PvP/PvE respec issue we've been having, I might have to say goodbye to shadow for awhile. I've been looking to going to a hybrid PvP/PvE Holy/Disc spec. 25/36/0. This will hopefully maximize my mana and healing efficiency while still providing me with max survivability.

However, I had just started to get geared up for DPS and was just starting to see myself improve vastly at my shadow hand. I don't know. The back and forth is hard. I don't like to half-ass a class. Maybe this is just the nature of the priest. I don't know. I am interested in seeing what I can do being a full disc/holy priest with no shadow arm attached. I'm hoping I see vast improvements to the max healing. As I mentioned in the previous post, Heroics have a few mobs that just hit for an insane about of HP.

I'm still debating it. Ultimately, I'll do whatever works best for the group.


Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Smack Down

Heroics are pretty amazing because of the level of difficulty jump from normal to heroics. You go in to these instances from 60-70 and are like "what a joke!" and then you set heroic mode and wham....big difference in the way the mobs hit and the way you have to control your group inside the instace. We run Underbog a lot because you get 4 badges of justice from the instance and it's fairly manageable with a group with so little crowd control. Bog Lords hit for a biotch! He does about 9k damage to the prot warrior. For Felix and I, he does close to 12k-20k non-crit damage. The healers are non-stop spamming heals on the tank for fear that the warrior doesn't dodge a hit. WHAM 9-10k!

For heroic mode, I had to respec Shadow, Taint went resto druid, Felix is still destruction, and Sadin had to go Protection. We usually take a fifth main healer with us. Once, we took another prot warrior and that worked out okay for the first half of Hellfire Ramparts.

We will probably run them until our group has enough Primal Nether for Sadin to make his next Axe. Badges of Justice get you some pretty nifty accesories like offhands, neckpiece, rings, cloak, resist gear etc. Badge of Justice loot rewards


RP Scandal!

So while we were raiding in Karazhan, this article somehow came up in conversation...and there was mention of someone getting fired for wacking off in a Burger King. Special sauce...yeah.

I found the article....just when you thought the Tram Scandal couldn't be topped!

Dude's Cyber Girlfriend Actually a Dude from Daily Gaming News.
...Pictures of Chelxai had been making the rounds on server message boards, and he managed to gather a large following of fanboys before it was revealed that the object of their desire was actually a twenty seven year old junior college dropout who still lived with his parents and had recently been fired from the local Burger King after being caught masturbating in the store office to pictures of blood elves he had printed out and brought to work.

We made better progression in Karazhan today for this week's reset. Huntsman, Moroes, and Maiden of Virtue down! woot! I picked up a new healing weapon..Shard of the Virtuous which will be nice when I respec back to Holy/Disc :(

Monday, March 26, 2007

WoWcast Arena Session 5

So we respecced PVE to do Karazhan.
Prot Warrior. Shadow Priest FTL in our Arena Team!

We can't really afford to respec back to PvP for this week's game.
Watch how we do this!

....ONE TRICK PONY :D.....


Sunday, March 25, 2007


(my new wallpaper, banquet hall of Karazhan)

Ah yeah. Back to the awesome-ness of progression raiding. Our paladin went on vacation this week so we're doing Karazhan old-school horde style with a Shaman. LOL.

It's been pretty fun. So far, we've downed the Huntsman, Moroes, and the Spider boss. We came really close to getting the Maiden of Virtue down, as well as the theater event. We got the Romeo and Juliet one.

It's pretty funny. To get to the Maiden of Virtue, you have to clear down a hallway full of concubines and mistresses! Very cute.

And of course after several wipes, someone had to make the off-color comment: "Maybe I oughta take off my clothes and get behind her and then she won't be the Maiden of Virtue anymore." hahahhahahaha

So far I've gotten Shadow-Cloak of Dalaran and Rittsyn's Lost Pendant

I've mostly just been amazed with the level of detail of the instance. We've come a long way from MC for sure.



I knew something wasn't right. I had respecced shadow in a mad rush during a Black Morass run. I had approx. two minutes to change my entire class around.

After I got back to full shadow, I was very dissapointed in my DPS. I knew something was wrong but knowing the limitations of priests, I kind of let it slide.

So we did a few more heroic runs and we got through fine but my DPS was half that of a Boomkin and a Warlock. It didn't sit right with me at all and I kept asking the group what I might be doing wrong.

"I should be able to do more damage than this!"

So that's why I asked in my blog about shadowpriest DPS...knowing that I must be not playing it right if I can't keep up with a lock or rogue.

Last Friday, we were trying to get people in our guild attuned to run Karazhan because we didn't have 10. I was helping out another shadowpriest and a warrior in the guild to get the 3rd key from Arcatraz. I stepped out to be main heal but he and I compared our bonus damage and bonus healing in both sets of gear. I was higher in both.

I noticed as he was mindflaying, his mindflay DPS was giving about 113-130 life back from Vampiric Embrace. I said outloud to the group that there was definitely something wrong with my playstyle because I was only getting 30-50 life back VE from Mindflay. I told Felix to watch my mindflay VE and see how much it was getting. He said there was a huge discrepency between mine and the other guy.

Finally, Mahon (the other shadowpriest) said, "Why is your Mindflay doing so little DPS?"

And then it clicked. YOU F-ing NOOB!!!! In my haste to respec, I only learned Rank 1 Mindflay! OMG, could I suck more!!? I was sooooooo embarassed. Sadin and Taint were like, "LFM SHADOWPRIEST TO RUN HEROICS WITH US"

I could have died of embarassment. But I was soo sooo soo happy to finally figure out what the problem was. So THANK YOU MAHON for teaching me how not2suck at being a shadowpriest.

After I got the final rank for MindFlay, sure enough, I was neck and neck on the DPS charts again and healing VE to do it justice.

I should un-install my freaking game for being such a noob. :)


Epic Flying Mount

I didn't think I was going to get one honestly. But Sadin gave me all of his money and offered to buy it for me. Weeeeeeee! Epic Flying is soooo fun. Totally worthless for people who don't farm though. I was farming herbs like a mofo tonight... I'm still not as good as farming as Felix is. That kid knows like every herb and mine spawn like the back of his hand. I'm fairly new to the whole farming thing.

+riding crop is like super man speed. I don't need to take a paid Gryphon anymore for sure.


Saturday, March 24, 2007

Dear Alliance Scum

Hahahahhaha! Whoever sent this to me, rock on! It was great!
Thanks for takin' the time to farm me one silver! I'm gonna buy something teh uber with it! :)


Thursday, March 22, 2007

Quagmirran's Eye

We ran Slave Pens Heroic today. 3/12 Primal Nether's for Sadin now. Quagmirran's Eye dropped! WOot!!! Felix was awesome and passed on it for me. I think it's cuz he thinks my DPS is the suck! :D THANK YOU Felix!!!!

I haven't had a chance to test it out but I hear it's sick. I've been trying out Tulgaat's strategy of using Shadow Word Death more often. It really helped out my DPS. I have to be pretty mindful of the main healers mana and possible cleaves etc but so far it's been awesome.

Also, I changed the Tabard! I wanted something more appropriate for tomorrow's possible Karazhan run. hehe. Not sure if we'll have enough but we're going to try. The theater events sound awesome. I can't wait to see it.


Wednesday, March 21, 2007

MMO Anti-Depressant

(appologies in advance for the emo)

Let's face it. We're not all happy people. People think I'm a good natured gal with lots of smiles and happy, happy, joy, joy feelings based off of their pereception of my game play.

Can you have MMO split personality disorder? Where in RL, you're mute and serious, and in VR, you're outgoing and dorky?

I've never been one of those people who thought everyone in the world should be happy or that living to be happy was an appropriate motto. I just live. That's it. And I hate those people who tell you that life is all about being happy and doing crap that makes you happy. It's not. That's just a dellusion.

Anyhow, my point for all the emo weirdo sh!t is that I'm wondering if WoW acts as kind of a drug. The way it enhances certain parts of your brain to be stimulated. All those endorphins sparking ... and at the same time, it can be quite meditating...especially the Outlands.

Is it unhealthy to think that you enjoy your WoW life more than your RL? or is your WoW life your RL? Can a virtual life be healthy? I feel like sometimes I can't seperate the two. Like most of my experiences with my friends and family have been acted out in the metaverse for the past 2.5 years. Are those experiences just a game and I can't see that? Or was that experience valid?

Sometimes I wake up and I get that momentary feeling of "am I in the Matrix or is the Matrix in me?"

I know.. weird.


1st Heroic Down

Wohoooo! I've been having some fun in PvE again this past week. Black Morass is so much fun. It's probably my new favorite instance.

But we all finally got revered with Cenarion Rep and got the key to do heroics! Heroic instances!! They're so much fun. Everything you know about tank and spanking goes down the drain. Every class has to be utilized to its maximum PvE ability. Sadin respecced Protection, Taint went Boomkin, I went Shadow.

We decided to do Heroic Underbog first. Man, those Bog Lord's will hit for close to 13k-17k! It's insane! I don't know how Vish kept him up half the time. Insane healing skillz man. Paladins FTW!

I got 4 Badges of Justice! :) Only about 21 more to go before I can buy my first PvE epic...that is..unless one drops. I'm hoping enough people get attuned for Kara in our guild this week so we can try it out on Friday. How awesome would that be?

So. Any shadow priests have any words of advice on how I can amplify my dps output? First thing I do is Shadow Word Pain, followed by Vampiric Embrace, then Vampiric touch. Then I spam my trinket and do Mind Blast. While Mind Blast is on cooldown, I spam Mind Flay until I can spam Mind Blast again. But I also have to stop the Mind Blast, Mind Flay spam to reapply Shadow Word Pain and Vampiric Touch when they drop off. All the dotting and downtime from Mind Blast makes my DPS really kind of "just support". Is this right? Am I playing my class right?


Tuesday, March 20, 2007


So we started last week at 1450 Rating and a 300th place Rank.
Now we're up to 1598 Rating and 197th Rank.

We learned a lot and changed up some strats. The dynamics of PvP are always fun and it's great to continue to learn and evolve as a team.

WoWcast Vids: Arena Session 3
(lesson learned)

WoWcast Vids: Arena Session 4
(against a top 100 ranked team, 67th)

correction: pallies can't lay on hands in Arena


Monday, March 19, 2007

Shadow Girl gets Kharazan Attuned

Yup, that's right. Alachia goes back to her true form. Hehehe. Shadow baby! I respecced so we can run PVE all of this week. We're hoping to do heroics and yup yup....we're Karazhan attuned now! Woot! I was so excited that I ran into the instance as soon as I got the key. 10 man epics. Something me and my crew have been dying for... No stranger politics! We completed Black Morass and I got Mantle of Three Terrors and passed on the Scarab of the Infinite Cycle to Taint since I'm such a kick ass sister and all..hehehe :)

So here's the weird thing. WHO THE HECK KNEW THAT priests would end up the support healing class POST TBC????! I wanted to roll a paladin for TBC and Taint convinced me that Priest were better since they're the main healers. So I ditched my level 19 pally and rerolled a priest. Now, it's the opposite. Paladins are the main healers in raids and guess what? All the priests go shadow for Vampiric Embrace and Vampiric Touch (Damage+Healing, Damage+Mana).

But for PvP, I'm respeccing back to Holy/ messed up is that!? With PvP for our group, it's about survivability and the ability to throw out the shields and flash heals and prayer of mending and offensive dispels.

Yup Yup. So this week I get to farm and do DPS! My shadow arm has been reattached and the healbott is on vacaction til' Friday. I have to respec back to Holy/Disc by Friday so my Arena team can do our games. :)

This week we did really well. We got up at a 1598 rating. We're hoping to get up to a 1700 rating by next week but it's slow going because of our gear. The funny thing is that Taint's 3v3 team has more points that any of JAE's three 5v5 teams. Paladin, Druid, Warrior combo is deadly....and that's just based on class alone..not even skill. They have an 1808 rating!

While we were skirmishing this week, we went against the number 7 rated team in our battlegroup. Shaman, Shaman, Druid, Druid, Warrior. HOLY CRAP! Talk about pwnage. What sucked about them was that you had NO idea which was the healer class and which was the DPS. :o It was insane.

Anyhow, balancing out PVE and PVP is going to be pretty expensive with respecs. ;) hehe. yup but that's the price you pay...talent trees really change your character so so much. You're a priest? You're a druid? You're a Warlock? That means nothing to me at all. Oh, you're specced pain supression..Oh, you're specced mangle...Oh, you're specced Unstable Affliction..that means something to me.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Membership Benefits

Pretty nifty quest in Nagrand from the Consortium guys. It's called Membership Benefits. All you do is talk the Gezhe and he gives you a free bag of gems. Apparently, as long as you stay in good with those guys, he'll give you a free bag of gems every month and occasionally you can get a rare one! Woot! Free loot!


Saturday, March 17, 2007

AV Weekend: Friday

Holy Honor! AV Weekend is here. Talk about wracking up the honor this weekend. This is my total for the end of today (friday). I swear I had 2k honor in 3 games that lasted 15 minutes. It was sick. And believe it or not, Alliance lost over half of the AV games I was in tonight. Not the healers fault of course. hehehe. But still, even with losing the game, we got around an avg of 500 honor per game.

I had to take a screenshot of this to show why alliance suck. We really are a bunch of 10 year olds. :) Oh and get this, one AV run, the Battlegroup leader organized the entire raid into classes. I sh*t you not he spent most of the raid making sure all of us were organized by class. hahahahahaha. Needless to say, we lost that game.

I'm still getting the hang of it. I know how to solo cap towers and duo cap graveyards now. My best bet is to role with the offense because no one ever wants to heal the tanks so I make it my job. I can't tell you how many times I was in an O group with 3 pallies and instead of healing, they taunted the mobs off the warrior because they wanted to tank. Ret Noobs. :)

I should try playing defense sometime this weekend but I'm not sure how much a Holy Priest would do to protect a horde zerg. In anycase, the honor is rolling in! I've made more honor tonight in a few hours than I have doing EoTS for 3 days. The que's are good..roughly 4-10 minutes. On a non-AV weekend, you could be waiting close to 45 minutes to an hour for each game. So if you want your tokens and tons of honor, this is the time!

Friday, March 16, 2007

WoWcast Vids: Arena2

Team JAE in Blade's Edge Arena. This was the same day as the last video.
Here, we're going up against a Warlock, Mage, Mage, Priest, Rogue
I get CCed for the first half of the fight and then have to decide who lives and dies..

appologies on the video quality of this one. I somehow deleted all of the original avi files and was stuck with the compressed wmv files. :p


Thursday, March 15, 2007

WoWcast Vids: Arena1

So here's my first WoWcast Vid: Arena session.
Please be mindful to respect the privacy of the people you see in this video. I couldn't really edit their names out. :)

Hope you enjoy watching me get pwned!

This is one where we get spanked by a Warrior, Priest, Pally, Mage, Hunter combo.
We went 4-1 this day and this is the 1 we lost. heheh.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

AH Queen

So the night before last I got a hand upgrade Energis Armwraps from today when I went to go buy my Grand Marshal Mooncloth gloves, I noticed it wasn't that big of an upgrade anymore..... After talking to Maebee about her opinion, it made more sense to upgrade the shoulders instead and add gems to them.. So I got my pretty shoulders afterall!

However, I still look like an AH queen. That's my new term for people whose outfits look uncoordinated and are probably all mix matched from AH buys. :) hehehe.


Tuesday, March 13, 2007

7-3, Arena Team inverse

Well, this week, we lost one of our Arena players. Maebee had to quit due to family stuff. So Vish volunteered to help us out this week for our ten games last night. We did pretty well for not much practice. Sadin hadn't played WoW in like four weeks cuz of business.. We won 7 and lost 3. Two of the games were so sooo soooo close. One of them came down to a warrior and Taint's druid. It was pretty fun to watch. He respecced resto for this round of games so he just could't pull it out in feral form... later, we talked about it and he should have entangled moonfire spammed. We'll never know.

I was so pissed at myself for forgetting to Fraps except for the very last game in which we got wtf pwned so hard. Hehehe. I'll have to edit and you can see what it looks like when Alachia gets totally pwned.

Crazy Talk!

Taint: yo

Taint: i've come to a conclusion

Alachia: conclusion?

Taint: yeah that we need to role shaman and pali
felix rolls mage

Alachia: you're out of your mind

Taint: for next season
if u want to continue on the pvp track

Alachia: you already made me roll this priest

Taint: well that was in mind for the pve track
so we can drop pvp

Alachia: i'm not dropping pvp

Taint: and go do warp splinter some more

Alachia: pvp is the most fun i've had in this game
pve sucks

Taint: ok
so pick

Alachia: those are my options?
those suck

Taint: well

Alachia: you know how much time i've invested into my priest?

Alachia: you know what i had to do to get her ready for crusade?
you were on vacation

Taint: yes and when we switch to pve
you'll be happy we have a priest
if u want to get serious about pvp
half the battle is class make up

Alachia: i definitely DO NOT want to play a shaman

Taint: i mean i dont mind
doing the team we have
but we are gimping our selves
u know wut i mean?

Alachia: well you knew that class make up was 70% of arena success

Taint: yeah
but when we rolled we didn't think we were doing hardcore pvp

Alachia: OMG. i'm going to kill you!
i wanted to roll a pally to begin with!

Taint: we had like hardcore 10 man epics
and shit in mind
if that was the case we would be fucking set right now

Alachia: OMFG... i can see it now

Taint: we had kara on your wish list for a loooooooooooong time
10 man epic instances, we were so excited about it

Alachia: you're gonna flake on me again

Taint: again?
i'm playing druid

Alachia: yeah...your priest?

Taint: yeah i'm on druid
u can just do mage?
isn't that bad?
i just have to do shaman
no biggie

Taint: i'll be supplementing
but if u dont want to

Alachia: what level is your shaman?

Taint: roll pali
i understand
lvl 0?
i haven't created it

Alachia: ahahhahahahaha
i thought you did
i saw it once

Taint: that was my pali^^

Alachia: oh

Taint: lvl 6

Alachia: is draenei or human better for palli?

Taint: i kinda want to play shaman any ways
i have no idea
i mean draenai dont get much
they get like gift of naruu

Alachia: they get the resist right?

Taint: some weird shadow resist

Alachia: ah

Taint: humans get perception
which is real nice

Alachia: and spirit

Alachia: don't know if that matters to pallie

Taint: pallies dont use spirit

Alachia: damnit!

Taint: they stack mp5, and crit gear

Alachia: It's too bad PvE sucks

Taint: well
i wouldn't say that

Alachia: it's boring
last night was boring after we stopped doing arena and did PvE

Taint: pve doesn't really suck if u go fast
and are specced right

Taint: kara might be a lot more fun

Alachia: might maybe cuz I'm not shadow now

Taint: so u gonna roll?

Alachia: all these fights are the same regurgetation of other fights we've done in PvE

Taint: if anything i'll lvl my shaman

Alachia: my palli is at level 19
i guess I'll continue with her


Taint: k back
u rolling mage
felix rolling pali?
u staying priest
felix going pali

Alachia: who rolls mage?

Taint: and doing tri healer
no mage

Alachia: oh
is that a good combo?
no dps?

Taint: pali/priest/druid/warlock/warrior
i like tri healer

Alachia: who is our lock?

Taint: i mean rogue instead of lock

Alachia: so have felix roll up his palli?

Taint: wut u think of that team?

Alachia: no dps
we have so little dps as is

Taint: rogue/warrior/druid

Alachia: oh, DPS druid

Taint: i would go mangle

Taint: i think the power of druid is its feral side
not resto side
cuz as long as i stack int
i can spot heal
and cyclone
after we burst one down?
u know?
and we get innervate
but if ppl dont want to switch
its kewl

Alachia: that combo is easier, i'll give yout that

Taint: like i just kinda want to climb the ladder

Alachia: i can talk to felix about it

Taint: and i'm willing to switch
to w/e for that

Alachia: and it'll give me a chance to roll up my mage
with him

Taint: for water at the least

Alachia: yeah
okay. that's doable

Taint: but if he likes warlock no biggy

Alachia: and can be done soon for start of next season

Taint: if ppl want to stay their class they should stay
i have absoutly no preference

Alachia: and we'll be geared by then

Taint: in my class

Alachia: it's about time investment
did you guys get owned by the tri-healer team?

Taint: we get owned by tri healer teams
like a mofo
plz our burst with druid/rogue/warrior
would be pretty heavy imo

Alachia: okay. i'll talk to felix

Taint: i mean i dont mind staying with wut we got
it will work
just not as easy

Alachia: we could probably push for it in the next two weeks...he's on spring break so it's a good time

Taint: yeah
i mean u guys are like 64?
or 63
u could roll that shit fast

Alachia: 63
so you think pallie > warlock?

Taint: well i think tri healer
is gonna be easy for us

Alachia: okay

Taint: when i say tri healer i mean druid as feral

Alachia: but that means you're gonna have to yield as much dps as a lock

Taint: with stacked int to help heal after burst
and cyclone
cuz basically we go from a 5vs5 to 3vs5 fast

Alachia: cyclone is a bitch!!! a mother f0=cking bitch!
i hate it

Taint: yeah
i think the power of druid is his hybrid ability and cyclone

Alachia: even with the nurf to mangle?

Taint: mangle nerf was only bear form mangle nerf
same mangle dmg in cat form

Alachia: ah

Monday, March 12, 2007

Warlock Disguise

So we ran Shadowlabs tonight in 1 hour and 2 pulls to the first boss in Mana-Tombs in 12 minutes. We had 1:15 total to get 10 spirit shards before the tower reset in Terokkar.

We were succesful and I got my warlock disguise! woot! aka, otherwise known as my warlock diguise. Priest? I see no priest! Exorcist's Dreadweave Hood

I also scored a new PvP wand as well. Wand of the Netherwing

Four more AV tokens and I get my Grand Marshal's Satin Gloves!! You don't know what kind of discipline it has taken to not get the cool "looking" gear first but rather the best upgrades. :( I'm proud of myself but damn if I don't want to get the shoulders and headpiece soon!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Warrior Protest

Because I'm still pissed off, this seemed appropriate. :)
Big brother in the WoWverse, our beloved Blizz Gods at their best.

Two months ago, in an attempt to bring attention to problems with the Warrior class, a protest was staged on the Argent Dawn Server. As a result, the GM's threatened to ban people who were a part of the protest if they did not cease what they were doing.

It's kind of a duality. I'm pissed off but I know why the rules are in place. I know what they're trying to protect, our game play. But it kind of makes me wonder as well as to how limited WoW will be for an evolving metaverse in the near future.... as our desires for game interaction expand beyond the scripted and venture into possibilities that relate more to our social culture..

This site explains what happened during the Warrior Protest:
These screenshots are worth a *ban*!
Submitted by Abalieno on January 29, 2005 - 07:02.

Here's a "visual" reportage of the protest that took place about two hours ago on the Argent Dawn server of World of Warcraft. The subject of this protest was the problems of the warrior class, the purpose of the protest was to draw the attention over those issues and 'to awaken' both the playerbase and Blizzard.

In general I do not care about class discussions, in fact I rarely rant about nerfs or direct unbalances of the classes. But I was there, of course. These type of "happenings" are way too fun and interesting from an "observer" point of view. They are something unique that has its roots directly in the very potential of the genre. more

(image of the warrior protest on Argent Dawn Jan. 29, 2007
taken from


Friday, March 09, 2007

Censorship Sucks

I am pissed. This is why my friends hate my podcast.

Censorship sucks.

But my friends are more important than freedom of expression.

Doesn't it seem hypocritical from a snitch who violates his/her work contract to begin with? I don't appreciate people threatening my friends. That is complete bullshit. I guess I'll just be a "pretend" WoW player. and we'll ignore how everyone really plays the game...

Apparently some GM has it out for me. I wish I could get this kind of attention when I have real problems with the game. If all you care about is banning people's accounts..that's fine. Destroy my love for the game.

Sorry for cryptics. I'm not playing WoW this weekend in protest. >(

Why I don't do pugs, EVER.

Ah yes, I remember why I have the steadfast rule of absolutely NO PUGS. No matter how easy the goal might seem.

I had just done Shadowlabs with JAE and the tanks who I run with NEVER use sword/ shield (super rare). So healing has to be at its best. Less than perfect and the party wipes because healing through 4 elite mobs wailing on the tank sucks some serious @ssage.

Anyhow, so I get this /whisper afterwards from some people in a guild called Tainted.

They're like, "Arcatraz last boss, we just need one healer, we can summon, please"

I'm thinking..okay...I can handle one boss fight. Also, wiping doesn't phase me at all as long as everone is trying.

I thought we were doing great. The tank pulled out a sword and shield and I was like SWEET, easy mode! He was super easy to heal. It wasn't until the final pod (boss) that things got hairy....

So we're doing the boss encounter and I see the mage in the party type:

[party][DumbassMage from the Guild Tainted]: lopl sweet (yes he typed lopl)
[party][DumbassMage from the Guild Tainted]: we got a bot
[party][DumbassMage from the Guild Tainted]: on our team

First off, who has time to type during a boss fight? Must be nice not to have to heal. So I've never done the encounter before at all. I've never been to Arcatraz. I think we were on the final wave (4th pod) and there is some kind of mindflay that happens. The other priest got mindflayed and we wiped after that. She died with 96% mana though. I never understood why she didn't heal herself. I guess other priests don't look at other priest's mana pool? Dunno. I was out of mana and using my shadowfiend to restore mana and I potted. The boss was at 8% or something and we wiped. I had no mana left to heal. If I had 701 mana left, we would have won the encounter.

So after we all rez and they complain about failing, I type:

[party][Alachia]: done?
[party][DumbassMage from the Guild Tainted]: yeah you botter
[party][DumbassMage from the Guild Tainted]: your botting sucks

so I dropped party and flew off to turn in some quest I had finished earlier while running Botanica.

I asked a guild mate in JAE what it means to be called a botter. He said he had no idea. So I messaged the warrior and asked him what the mage meant by it. And he said the guy was a dumbass and was tired and on the eastcoast and he appologized for the guy being stupid. Regardless, they all ended up on my /ignore list but I wanted to thank them for reminding me why I don't do PUGs....ever.

So no matter how nice or sweet people seem when they beg me to come heal for them, I'm going to stick to my usual response....."Sorry, about to log, but thanks for the invite! GL!"

I guess healing is a bad thing???? Maybe he was hoping I'd DPS? I even healed the mage when he got mindflayed as he was the only person who took dmg besides the tank during the earlier phases. hmmmm. So confusing. I actually thought we were doing very well but then we just didn't have enough dps/healing mana ratio left. So close though.

Oh yeah...back to PvP baby. One day of PvE will remind you as to why PvPing is sooo sooooo soooo much more least for a healer. :) Although I did have fun running Botanica and Shadowlabs, it's just not quite as thrilling.

LOL. As I typed this entry in, I got three invites to run Sethekk Halls, Shadowlabs, and heroic Coilfang. Unfortunately, I'm not good at shrugging jerks off, so I politely excuse myself from the possibility of that situation all together.


Thursday, March 08, 2007

What it's like to be Horde

Last night was a blast! We went three Eye of the Storm games in a row where we four noded the horde! The first game we won 2000 to 0! I was shrieking! This must be what it's like to be horde!!! You guys are so lucky!


Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Felix's Friend

I like it when we travel to Netherstorm because Felix always go off and gets himself a scary @ss pet! They last about 5-6 mins I think and then they either glitch out, run back, or start attacking him. They DO NOT like to be enslaved for sure!


Woot! I got an A!
Now who do I have to gank around here to get an A+?? top 10 World of Warcraft Podcasts


Tuesday, March 06, 2007


My current wallpaper

I began my Kharazan attunement last night. Maebee and I finished off the first two quests. Since we are both specced for no DPS, we had to rely on a DPS bott to help us. hehe. Terrer (the uber warrior) helped us knock out the first part. We basically had to go to two pools of water and inscribe something. Then we had to collect 10 ghostly essences from dead people.

The next part requires us to run Shadowlab in Auchidon to obtain a Key from the final boss.

I was checking out The Armory for PvP specced priest in the top 10 brackets of the Arena. Granted, some of them mislead you on purpose as to their spec and gear, but for the most part, I saw that a lot of good gear was coming from instances. I checked out some of the gear and they appaar to have a 9% drop rate. It's not too bad. For DPS classes including spellcasters, even shadow priests, I totally recommend farming for PvE gear to help out with your PvP.

As for healbot priests, I still need a lot of stamina and resilience which I won't find too much of in the PvE realm. There are a few though so I'd like to take my shot at Kharazan attunement and see what I can get in the process. It's definitely worth it to use the PvE gear as a supplement until you can get your PvP gear. This is especially true for warlocks and mages. Burst damage is where it's stock up on your bonus to damage.

From what I've looked at from the priests who are in the top 10 Arena teams, they have no less than 850 bonus to healing and no less than 8k HP. I have a long ways to go on the bonus to healing with my PvP gear. Right now I have 9800HP unbuffed but only 400 bonus to healing. I'm hoping this will balance out soon as I replace my pure stamina gear with resilience and + to healing.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Arena 3 Wins, 7 losses

One thing about being in JAE is that you're used to being the underdog. We are friends that play together and kind of just do the best with what we have. We were four man strong when we did FPS ladders but had to rely on 4 more rotating pugs to help us out. In WoW, we're definitely stunted by our class make-up but we're making due.

Due to time reasons, Saddin has to go back to NJ this week, we had to get 10 games out of the way. We had already missed the first week of arena battles. Taint is using two characters to do arenas and is gearing up both at the same time. His hunter and druid. It's all chaotic really with our static party because of schedule issues. We were like 10 losses is better than no games, so we opted to just do them and hope for the best. SO, we lost 5 games in a row. Partly because of our dps and partly because Felix's internet connection kept going out.

The bottom line was that we lacked the DPS. We had a warrior, a warlock, a druid, and two priests. So after the 5th battle, Taint respecced his druid out of healing and into feral. WoW!!! VAST improvement on our game. We won the next 3 games in a row. Then we lost the next two because we weren't focusing dps and CCing the healers in time and there was a bad call made about where we were positioning ourselves.

Felix is going to respec this week. Maebee and I are seriously thinking about a respec as well. I went to the armory and looked up the top rated PvP arena teams and checked out the priest specs. Holy 36/Disc 25/Shadow 0. I might go with this new one. It just feels weird chopping off my shadow arm.

Anyhow, I suspect we will do better with the new specs. Burst dps and burst healing is where it's at apparently. Plus, we're slowly gearing up which will help tons! Resilience FTW!

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Help Solve the Mystery

"I summmoned my mount one time and I got a pic of this guy. He is also in some pics of thottbot. Who is he?" -Zachary

Can anyone help solve Zachary's mystery? His face does seem familiar.


Neutral Ground

It still kinda trips me out that after a long day of beating down the horde or the horde beating down on me, that we retire to the same city and share the same bank and the same inn. Shattrath was a pretty brilliant idea, I think. It's kind of nice actually getting to see your opponents next to you. Before, they were always off in some distant tribal place...heheh.

AB weekend has been going fairly well. JAE forme a pre-form group with some friends and we've been developing different strats. We still totally get owned against preforms...particularly this one guild from stormscale...ouch. I can't even imagine how much honor per hour those guys get. They enter the battle, 5 node in less than 2 mins and then win in the next 2, collect their xp and token and repeat. It must be insane.

But for the first time ever, I won like 5 ABs in a row. It felt good for sure. But then we lost a bunch but they were super close games so we got good honor for it. I am less than 1k honor away from my bracers!

Oh, also, tonight, I ran Shattered Hand for the first time. zzzzzzz....snoozefest. Going from PvP to PvE raiding is like....gah. Boring. But it may be because that instance is particularly unappealing. The pulls are all straight forward, the boss encounters aren't that interesting, and the visual stimulus was nil. I bet I'd feel differently if I was running arcatraz or botanica...or kharazan. :) I think.

Friday, March 02, 2007


This video proves my point. They should totally buff mages for sure!
Nurf Healerz!! WOOT!

You see, poor mages :( They're so under-powered.

*insert profanity*

hahahahaha... yeah. I have a mage, I know. Kind of why I like playing alliance and a healer now...makes it SOOO much more challenging. YARGH!

Extinction List: Healers

Snow Leopard, Humpback Whale, Giant Pangolin, African Wild Dog, Gray wolf, World of Warcraft Healers

What do all of those things have in common? They're on the endangered species list!

Hahahaha.. I don't often "CRY MORE!"

but seriously? Blizz? Patch 2.0.10? Seriously? Seriously????

Because we all know that Healerz need to be nurfed! YeS! Not mages who two shot and have that damn I-WIN button known as ice block. While you're at it. I think you should give hunters a 30 minute trap. You know..maybe a freeze trap that'll keep us detained for a good half hour. Also, I was thinking that Warriors need infinite rage and you should let rogues wear plate.

But regardless, you must nurf those damn healers! Perhaps you could take away two of their healing spells all together and just put one greater heal on a 10 minute cooldown. Yup, I think that'll balance things just nicely. :0

"By Grabthar's hammer, by the sons of Worvan, you shall be avenged!"


Thursday, March 01, 2007

First Epic

PvP does teach you one thing...patience and how to deal with complete morons.
Sheesh. You just don't encounter this kind of blind sightedness in PvE for extended periods of a time. Kind of like the A&M offense when I was back in college. What's the next play? Up the middle! and the next? Up the middle! It didn't work the last 100 times so what now? Up the middle!

hahahaha..Eye of the Storm. How 10 alliance can think that running down the center for a flag with no towers caputured = win....I have no idea.

but the beauty of PvP is that it has micro-adventures as well as macro. You get to discvoer new things about your class every to handle massively different combination of classes and specs.

tonight, I finally got enough honor for my first lvl 70 epic piece! However, I think I'm more excited about finally getting the piccolo trinket from Undead Strat! Woot! Everybody dance now! que 90s horrible techno-pop music! /dance

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