Sunday, March 25, 2007


I knew something wasn't right. I had respecced shadow in a mad rush during a Black Morass run. I had approx. two minutes to change my entire class around.

After I got back to full shadow, I was very dissapointed in my DPS. I knew something was wrong but knowing the limitations of priests, I kind of let it slide.

So we did a few more heroic runs and we got through fine but my DPS was half that of a Boomkin and a Warlock. It didn't sit right with me at all and I kept asking the group what I might be doing wrong.

"I should be able to do more damage than this!"

So that's why I asked in my blog about shadowpriest DPS...knowing that I must be not playing it right if I can't keep up with a lock or rogue.

Last Friday, we were trying to get people in our guild attuned to run Karazhan because we didn't have 10. I was helping out another shadowpriest and a warrior in the guild to get the 3rd key from Arcatraz. I stepped out to be main heal but he and I compared our bonus damage and bonus healing in both sets of gear. I was higher in both.

I noticed as he was mindflaying, his mindflay DPS was giving about 113-130 life back from Vampiric Embrace. I said outloud to the group that there was definitely something wrong with my playstyle because I was only getting 30-50 life back VE from Mindflay. I told Felix to watch my mindflay VE and see how much it was getting. He said there was a huge discrepency between mine and the other guy.

Finally, Mahon (the other shadowpriest) said, "Why is your Mindflay doing so little DPS?"

And then it clicked. YOU F-ing NOOB!!!! In my haste to respec, I only learned Rank 1 Mindflay! OMG, could I suck more!!? I was sooooooo embarassed. Sadin and Taint were like, "LFM SHADOWPRIEST TO RUN HEROICS WITH US"

I could have died of embarassment. But I was soo sooo soo happy to finally figure out what the problem was. So THANK YOU MAHON for teaching me how not2suck at being a shadowpriest.

After I got the final rank for MindFlay, sure enough, I was neck and neck on the DPS charts again and healing VE to do it justice.

I should un-install my freaking game for being such a noob. :)



Unknown said...

Don't feel too bad. On my druid in the days before the new ranks didnt automatically update on the action bar I managed to get level 60 using rank one spells. I didn't notice the problem really because I had specced feral and the melee attacks used to automatically update. It wasn;t until I was in instance healing that I realised when everyone was wtf why am i only getting healed for like 100

Anonymous said...

Dont worry Alachia, we all have our little moments. A similar thing happened to me when I respeced from frost to fire. I forgot to get the high ranks of Pyroblast and I was all WTF throughout the instance. And I finally looked at my spell book and well... you know what happened lol

Anonymous said...

I love moments like that.
Everyone reverts to a newbie once in a while :)

Anonymous said...

I did that, but only on the Public Test Realm right before 2.0 came out. I specced Felguard and forgot to buy his skills. Then I specced Affliction and forgot to buy max rank Siphon Life. Luckly nothing matters on the Public Test Realm.

Anonymous said...

Haha, I had a similar experience while healing as a Priest in Gadgetzan. Through the whole instance I kept commenting about how I never seems to run low on mana. Then the ____ hit the fan, as it does in Gadgetzan, and I couldn't keep us alive. The next day I realized that although my spells were all updated on my main PvP/PvE bar, I was using my Party Healing spellbar which consisted of rank 1 of every healing spell. Gah!!

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