Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Had to Be Done

So, I was standing by the AV emmisary and I spot a shadow priest with a wicked witch's hat on. I inspect him and notice he's inspecting me.

He whispers me "What's your HP?"

I tell him 10500 unbuffed. He says "nice" and then starts talking to me about the gear he's hoping to get soon.

I quickly tab out and look him up on the armory to see his Arena teams.
It turns out he's an avid PvP-er just like me (I don't socialize with much of the PvE folks hehehe).

So I start asking him about strats and he starts explaining some of the logistics behind certain dps cycles for melee vs casters.

I tell him I can't seem to take down a warrior or rogue. He says they are pretty easy, especially a warrior (Shield, dots, mindflay).

I'm like hmmmmm.. okay. I'll try it. So I set out to duel Sadin as I have before. I try my old strat where I put shadow word pain, shield up, come out of shadowform and try to kite and heal myself. He crushes me and he's still at half health.

So then I try the method the fellow shadowpriest taught me. And sure enough, I wtf pwn Sadin into the ground every time...well at least until he got pissed off and didn't want to duel anymore.

I was really excited. Now my list is down to two classes I can't yet conquer easily..rogues and demo locks.

1v1, shadow priest are supposedly the best. I'm trying to live up to that expectation.

Anyhow, the shadow priest asked me if I wanted to try out a dual shadow priest 2v2 team. At first I was hesitant as it sounded like suicide and plus, this guy was a total stranger to me.

But I was tempted to learn more and I felt he could help me really flush out my class pvp tactics more and he seemed nice.

So Monday, he and I got on vent for the first time together and tackled out 30% of games for him on my 2v2 team. It was awesome. He was really into strategy and experimenting with our classes. Trying different dps cycles and defensive tactics. And also, just awesome having another shadow priest to talk too... we suffer in our own unique way :D We went 7-3 which wasn't so bad for our first time together and for two of the fleshiest classes in the game.

And it is the first time in 2 and a half years of this game that I actually made a friend from the game by myself that is not related to the podcast. wow.


Street Chief said...

two and a half years...

Britnay said...

Congratulations ^_^

Emily said...

OoOoOo, Alachiaaaa ;)

Juat kidding! Grats!

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