Sunday, July 29, 2007


So I watched the pitiful one hour coverage of the World Series of Video Games this morning on CBS. The Arena coverage they did was just as horrible as the rest of the entire program. Guitar Hero II with a three judge panel and Final Night Round 3, followed by WoW TBC Arena 3v3.

First, there was more coverage of the hosts spouting off retarded gaming tid bits and retarded Channel One anchorage type banter.

Most of you know how I feel about console games so I'm just gonna try not to offend those gamers and move straight to the Arena coverage.

First, they're going to have to do something about the user interface issue when showing this on tv. Nurfed UI plastered and scrolling combat text all over the screen, there was hardly any room left to actually view what was going on. Then the annoucers themselves... well. not sure if they even know what WoW is.

Team Pandemic (rogue, mage, holy priest) vs Team Insurrection (druid, warlock, mage)

Rogue catches the druid first but the druid gets off a cyclone and is able to get away. But the announcers are like "oh! looks like he cast a whirlwind!"

In the meantime, this allows Team Insurrection to try to focus fire the frost mage down...which to the tv guys they described it as "a barrage of volitile missiles" which they don't even bother pointing out that the ice mage ice blocks early to negate the ice lance, frost bolts, water bolts and probably shadow burn raining down on him while his rogue is cc'd.

The whole coverage goes down hill from there. They show more edits of the players playing than the actual game play...and of course the announcers don't bother to talk about how Team Pandemic totally wins the fight due to their ability to kite and separate Team Insurrection to pick them off. They also fail to mention the retarded over-powerness of Cloak of Shadows. LOL.

hahaha.. okay. so professional video game coverage??? Probably gonna suck for awhile until actual people who game start to help produce the show.

If I wanted to watch a bunch of noobs prance around on the stage and call it gaming, I'd freaking go over to my neighbors 6 year old birthday party. (okay, I don't really have an 6 year old neighbor but you get my point)



Unknown said...

DUDE I would love to do the Play by Play of those games! I've been playing WoW forevers, I know all the abilties but I'd have to learn more Arena specific stuff. Everyone says I have a great voice for radio. Totally they need to have professional announcers doing this. Not their standard G4 rejects who don't know what the hell is going on. You wouldn't call a football game with someone whose never seen a football game would you?

Unknown said...

From what I understand the apple mac movie capture feature that is going live in 2.2.0 will be able to record the action without the UI (according t the mac tech forum in the US - something about the graphics begin rendered before the UI so this is possible). I was thinking the production companies could use this feature but then I thought perhaps this feature was actually added for them? I mean if Blizz are serious about getting into the 'World Series' or whatever it is then this would make a lot of sense.

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