Friday, October 19, 2007

Quest for the Pumpkin Head

DAY 1:
3 something years ago when I was playing FFXI, I saw some of the other taru taru with the pumpkin head helm. Upon research, I found out it was something you could only get from the Holiday quest. :( I was so disappointed. I really wanted one.

This year in WoW, I have my chance!! Yesterday was the first day I went to Scarlet Monastery Grave Yard and fought the Headless Horseman six times. No [Hallowed Helm] yet. But the quest for the helm continues!

Headless Horseman Fight

Phase 1: DPS down the Horseman
Phase 2: DPS down the head and him while he conflags random people
Phase 3: DPS down the Horseman and his ads

Phase 4: Pray for the helm to drop!!

So far, I've gotten a ton of candy that makes you go fast and throw up if you eat too much. I've also gotten the [Witching Band]. No broom yet for me.


Unknown said...

As a Dwarf, stoneform removes the sickness from the candy so you can eat even more!

Alachia said...

as does purify. hehehe. my dwarf pally can stuff her self silly.

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