Thursday, March 27, 2008

Sunwell 5-man

I got to try out Sunwell Plateau 5 man instance Tuesday after the Kara raid.
My first impressions is that it's a very ornate instance aesthetic-wise (we're not used to that on alliance side). The instance is fairly short and simple. The only real danger is the amount of spread damage your group encounters without one to two cc players.

We finished the instance in about 45 mins. My beef is definitely with the distance of un-guarded territory between the FP and the instance. On our server, the horde out-number alliance 3:1 almost. It was a heck of a gauntlet trying to get to the instance and forget about doing the dailies around there. I had swarms of swat teams all around just waiting for alliance to leave safe grounds.

It's very much like this in front of kara every night as well but it's not as bad because it's such a concentrated area. We just never get to use the summoning stone is all.

I checked yesterday and we are 88% complete with the Sunwell rep to spawn the 2.4 badge loot NPC. WOOT! Can't wait to get my new gear!


Blodwin said...

It's not just horde but the NPC Blood Elves too. They ganged up on me when I first tried to reach the 5 man instance. While they aren't that tough the numbers wore me down quite quickly.

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