Saturday, January 23, 2010


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Today's photowalk was in Badlands. I can't say it's that exciting of a zone. In fact, the rest of the Eastern Kingdom doesn't seem all that interesting until we hit Ghostlands. Kalimdor is where it's at I think.

I did manage to take some nice desert shots though throughout the Badlands. All I can think of in this zone is mining tin. lol. It's also one of the first places you get a trinket, [Nifty Stopwatch].

This is another zone that we all agree we won't mind if they completely overhaul. Sure would be nice to see an alliance town in this area as well.


Quag! said...

Been a while since I checked your site alachia, been so busy with RL...deadlines galore at work, prepping now for a 3 month trip to India for work so having WoW will be like taking a bit of home with me. In an odd way it is reassuring knowing you still play though I had been away for so long haha.

Love the pics of the lands, really makes you step back and think how much design went in to the game.

I would like to offer you a bit of something different, you have played so long, and are looking at various areas in Azeroth, have you ever seen WoW in 3D? Stereo 3D? You would like it, looks amazing, the best I can offer for a free chance to see Azeroth with depth is with anaglyph, the horrid red and blue glasses, obviously Nvidias setup is way better but if you go to and install the drivers, you can adjust the depth and turn on and off, 3D on the fly, just need the red and blue glasses, even in that old way of 3D, it is VERY cool to see the world you occupied for so 3D, where the trees in the distance really look like they are in the distance.

Take care!

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