Friday, March 31, 2006

Episode 12 and 13

Good news. I am almost done editing Episode 13. I just need to do one more interview and then it's set. but the majority of the episode is ready to go.

I have been pretty proud of myself actually. I have given all my "free" nights from raiding to editing.

It's been slightly difficult because my main computer is just not getting back to a functional state. I recovered half of my podcasting data. So I had to redo a lot of my recordings of ambiant sounds, transition sounds..etc.

I have not recovered my e-mail yet. :(

I have Black Wing Layer tonight. But I have a plan to wake up early Saturday and do my best to make those Episode 12 modifications. I have decided to release epsiode 12 this Monday regardless of its status.

Episode 13 will be relased later that week as well. :D

Proud of me?


Anonymous said...

Alachia FTW!

Anonymous said... e-mail is being rejected BTW

wowcast said...

i just sent my self a couple of test e-mails and they went through.

are you still having any troubles sending e-mail through??

Anonymous said...

Haven't tried to e-mail you in a while so I'm not sure and I'm in work now so I can't try till later.

I'll give it a shot when I get home...

*sits sad in work with no new episode*

~Jason Grabowski

Anonymous said...

you said you lost "recordings" of ambient sounds. did you literally make recordings of game sounds? because you know you can rip all of those right out of the mpq game files. just fyi

wowcast said...

F#@@ck! I did NOT know that! Where do I find them?!

hahaha..i'm such a noob

Anonymous said...

I emailed you regarding the sound files. look out for it.

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