Monday, June 30, 2008

Episode 35: Why do we still play WoW?

Yeah. With WoTLK looming in the foreseeable future and a multitude of MMOs and other distractions over the past few years, Why am I still playing WoW? Do we necessarily want to leave WoW?

Also, a run down of how Raiding Alliances work.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

QQ and then PEW PEW

Did Arenas tonight.
Yes, I thought I might actually quit arenas after Season 4 started and only do PvE but Taint won't let me. LoL. It's the only thing he likes to do in the game so it's the only thing we can do with him...

So we started up the Arenas again. We're working on two sets of teams which is really weird. Druid, Lock, Rogue (druid and lock have zero arena or bg gear) and Warrior, Pally, Enh Shaman (Shaman being the only undergeared).

Druid/Lock/Rogue is our qq team because everyone just dies so easily and Sad and I still don't really grasp our characters well. Playing a druid, I have to be able to cycle between roots, cyclone, heal, charge, and abolish poison a lot. And you can't have small hesitations between any of them. It all has to flow like poetry. At least, that's how the bad @ss druids do it.

Needless to say, after 10 games, we landed back at 1500ish..maybe 1495 or something. It was rough. Then we hopped on our War/Paly/EnhShamy team.

It was crazy. We were tearing through PMR teams like they were out of style. Priest/Mage/Rogue teams are still the most formidable in 3v3s to date. IMO.
But we slowly climbed our way to 1550 and then got our Brutal Leggings and ended the night with 1600 for the Brutal Chest piece.

I thought I was going to be more upset about the rating caps for gear but honestly it actually makes you look forward to progressing you something to look forward to at each level of play.

Now, I still think 2050 for weapons and 2200 for shoulders is crazy ridiculous! It's like 1700 gets you the head piece and then bam, you're not seeing crap for gear until you jump 300 more points. /cry

Don't copy and paste

Okay, just wanted to throw that in based off of the comments I got from a few of you. Copy and Paste method of protection apparently won't help you as they can simply keylog what you copy and pasted from.

I'm pretty sure there was a huge trojan attack this past week. As I got far more reports from other people about successful hacks on accounts.

Two guesses on how I got hacked. Low security of my password (aka, I used it for multiple applications) or I went to some website that installed a keylogger. I can't be sure of course.

Until I can get myself one of those authenticators, I will be taking extra security precautions. I'm paranoid of course, but what else can you do but just do your best to keep you password secure and try to stay in safe sites.

Any site that isn't https is an unsecured sight and any information you provide those sites is incredibly easily accessed. Guild forums especially are an easy target if you use the same login.password as your wow account.

Again though, nothing is 100% safe so all you can do is do your best to take the most steps to protecting your account.

It was kind of inevitable that my account would be hacked because I ignored a lot of warning regarding safety measures thinking "it'll never happen to me".....

that's what those bloody hackers are looking def. do what you can to make it that much harder for them.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Double Hax

Got hacked again while I was at dinner. This time both my accounts got compromised.
I had to call Blizzard and speak with someone to get everything changed.

Luckily nothing was taken. Except I did notice that all my badges of justice were gone. I'm pretty sure it was from the night before though.

Now everything had been stripped from my toons by me except gear and offloaded to multiple accounts and toons of people I trust even some not in the guild. So there's nothing of value in my banks or the guild bank now. There won't be profit in hacking my account but that doesn't mean that they won't try to be malicous and destroy my acccount anyhow.

I just heard that the #6 alliance guild on our server's GM account got hacked last night as well. He wasn't lucky like me. EVERYTHING in their guild bank (and it was stacked) was stripped. His character was completely stripped and to make things even more insulting, his toon was transfered to another server. And Blizz said that since it was paid for he is going to have to wait the full 6 mo. duration waiting period to get his toon back on this server. HOLY COW.

OMG. can you believe that? I can NOT even comprehend how horrible things could have gone last night if I hadn't be online.

Also as well, the GM of cykos said that in his friend's raiding guild, 6 people got hacked yesterday.

We told all of our guild members to change their passwords as well. It is a freaking nightmare.

WTF is going on? I am so ubelievalbly paranoid now.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Heart attack!!!! OMG.

I was on my paladin doing the bonfire quests in the outlands when I see my druid log in on my other account. I was having DC issues earlier. I should have changed my password the second time I got dc'd in the raid. Stupid.

In any case, I flip out. I'm like OMG! I'm being hacked before my eyes.

So my first instinct is to log my character to get them off my account but I bypass that instinct and go straight to the wow website and change my information.

At first, it won't let me log my character in... serious precious minutes ticking here...

So I write a GM ticket on my paladin's account screaming HELP!! I'm being hacked basically. lol. stupid again.

I'm so flustered at this point. I scream in guild chat, GET OFF MY F* ACCOUNT!!!
yeah.. not so smart letting on I know what they're they can do it even faster.. (so many dumb decisions here but I was totally panicked)

I try logging in the new info again and it kicks the hacker out. I get on my priest and see nothing is taken from her bags and all my money is there.

Then I go to the guild bank... oh my god. All the primals taken, all void crystals taken, all vortex's taken, and 1000g gone! I wrote a GM ticket again asking if they could find out where it was all sent.

Panicked, I log my other characters on this account because I saw he/she accessed two of my other toons. I get on my druid.....SIGH OF RELIEF. It had all been withdrawn on my druid and I must have gotten back to my account before they could offload it somewhere....even the money.

JEEBUS H CHRIST. That was so jacked up. I'm still reeling. Thank god I was still on. I was going to head to bed early today but moped around wow instead.

Of course, now I have to reformat and re-install EVERYTHING on this computer. SHOOT ME. I have no idea how I got hacked. There are so many sites out there now and applications we run... there's just no telling at all.

Now I'm totally and utterly paranoid. Second hacking this year. First time I caught it early too. There is a blessing after all for being a wowaholic....

mother F!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

OP Droods!

So yesterday, a friend wanted to get points on his 2k rated warrior before the season reset. His computer had been out for awhile. So he asked me if my druid wanted to do games for points.

I was like, no way, my druid is in all PvE gear, no resilience, only 8k she's spec'd pure pve (0/0/61).

But after he asked around the guild, he couldn't find anyone else to pvp with...He was like, "don't care if we lose, just need games"...

so I was fine with me.

Warrior/Druid vs Pally/Lock

I ran in there, threw hots on the warrior and cheetah formed away from the lock and his pet. When the warrior got the lock down a bit, I cyloned the pally. And we repeated this over and over again. The game took like 10 minutes. I think because I was in full PvE gear, my mana regen was really high. So eventually, we ran the pally OOM. Game Over.

Was fun as hell. But ended up doing 3v3s to get him points that night since 2v2 ques were so long and warrior/druid 2v2 fights take a long time. It's all about wearing down the opponent.

I might try out druid more this season. It's a hell of a lot more fun than holy pally for sure....but that might be because I've been doing it for a year...need some change.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Fire Festival 2008

The Fire Festival this year is really fun because not only do you get gold for doing all of the quests, the rewards are pretty rad too. Dancing draenei and flaming dresses!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Around the World for 350 Blossoms!

As soon as I saw the [Brazier of Dancing Flames], I was like ME WANTS!

That fiery dancing draeni looks so seductive and beautiful. Unfortunately she costs 350 Burning Blossoms. So today I took off around Azeroth to try and collect as many of the Blossoms as I could. I think I made it to like 16 or so of the sites on the map. I have 168 so far.

The real beauty is that for the horde cities, you get double the Blossoms plus double the gold. So anywhere between 6 to 12g per city. They say if you do all of the cities, you can make like 550g for the alliance.

Again, nice festival chain that has everyone taking a tour of Azeroth again. I honestly never thought I'd see Stonetalon Mountains again. lol!


Yesterday as a busy raid day. We downed Rage Winterchill and Anetheron in Mt. Hyjal, then finished Hydross and Lurker which we left from Tuesday (since most people don't need anything from them anymore). Then we attempted Al'ar the Phoenix God in Tempest Keep for the first time.

It was a really fun fight. We downed the Phoenix on the second try. Not only is the actual fight pretty fun and unique, but the boss itself is gorgeous. You don't get to see as pretty a boss mob in many of the instances.

I will say that at first, I had real reservations about the cykos/jae alliance simply because almost all of my best laid plans tend to tank on me. Not to mention the wall of drama we had to hurdle to get it under way....But surprisingly, the synergy between the two guilds is good although there are personality differences of course. Still, if it weren't for this joint venture, I wouldn't have been able to see the instances or experience any of these fights.

My favorite so far is Mt. Hyjal. I love the encounter of a barrage of 8 waves of mobs and then the boss. It makes the battle so much more epic. Of course, most people tend to hate the encounter because if you fail, you just lost about 30 mins of your time. heh.

Friday, June 20, 2008

All 'levels' of retards

I was heading to Nagrand to do two of my daily quests when I spot this level 63 rogue down to 25% health killing Clefthoofs, the low level ones. I drop down and heal him up.

I notice he's not skinning the animals so I assume he's just killing them for the quest. So I start up behind and skin and heal him as he goes.

So about after the 10th kill, I have 4 knothide leathers, 10 knothide scraps, and 1 clefthoof leather. You don't get much from killing the regular clefthoofs.

So then he whispers to me, "let's split the prophet 50/50"

I immediately stop healing him and take off flying to finish the rest of my quests.

Is he serious? Split my 4 knothide leathers? WTF? I'm basically heal botting him and skinning crappy meat. explains so much when I do pugs.. wow.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Episode 34 up

So yeah, last arena episode I think I got a little misunderstood because of my negativity toward welfare epics. I think my point came out a little wrong. It wasn't intended to sound like I was some elitist prick. So to make it up, I thought I'd throw up a pure Arena guideline episode...seeing how Season 4 is pending in a week. Hope you enjoy!

Favorite Macros

/cast [target=focus] Polymorph

/cast [target=playername] Blessing of Freedom

/cast dispel

/cast [target=focus]Counterspell

Rogue shiv <3 this macro!
#showtooltip Shiv
/equipslot [modifier:alt] 17 Vindicator's Brand; 17 Gladiator's Bonecracker
/cast shiv

For more:

Mods: Proxmio, Afflicted, Quartz, Aloft

Season 4 Notes Blue Post *note changes about points received if team rating differe 150 points from personal rating*

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Badge of Justice > 565 DKP

So I'm now sitting on the highest dkp slot in our raid. And the most bizzare thing is that I'm not DKP hording at all. In fact, I've told all of the jae participants of the joint venture NOT to DKP horde. As hopeful as I am that this jae/cykos adventure will last, the truth is, you never know the reality of any situation until it collapses from underneath you.

I looked at the loot table ahead and I don't forsee anything I want until maybe the end of Mt. Hyjal or Black Temple, maybe.

Most of my loot is badge of justice loot I got from the vendor in the Isle of Quel'Danas. Thankfully, the gear is just as good as most of the loot in the end game content.

At first, it feels strange not wanting anything from the instances, kind of like everyone else around me is looking forward to things in terms of loot. However, I'm not.

Yet, it is amazingly nice to not have to worry about loot at all. All I worry about is my performance and making sure the raid succeeds. Then, I can just enjoy the content. I rather much like it actually this way.

I'm actually thinking about spending dkp in Mt. Hyjal this week if the [Pillar of Ferocity] drops of Anatheron, second boss. We downed him last week and the awesome tanking sword fell. I know I'll never be a feral druid but that staff is one of the most gorgeous things I've seen in the game in such a long time. I admire it on people in Shattrath all the time. Why not spend a few dkp to possess it just for beauty sake. :) Why can't they make healing itmes more ornate? Why a freaking feral druid? You never even see their armor or weapons. What a waste!

I do like this system where casual players don't have to worry about getting caught up in the DKP nonsense in order to even make it into the 25 mans. Just get yourself in heroics and kara and you can be sporting hyjal/bt quality gear in no time. Of course, that's all coming to an end with the expansion...but who cares. See as much as content as you can now before it becomes obsolete and no one wants to go back...thats what I say.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Sharing grief

So there's a good balance of good and evil with dabbling outside the guild.
Trust me, I'm very happy about the joint venture but I also know how to tolerate the amount of crap that comes a long with it because I appreciate the opportunity.

Plus, because of my previous raiding experiences before TBC, I'm used to dealing with the odd sorts of flavorful a-holes out there.

So here's Tuesday's raid. 5/6 bosses cleared in SSC.
Leo, we wipe once because of agro pull during the last 10% of the boss when he splits. Throughout the fight though, hunters were pulling the most agro...which if you know the fight, you just don't pull agro. Period. Sometimes, hunters go all out and expect feign death to save them but you can't always rely on that, especially for heavy agro sensitive fights. Feign death can get resisted.

SO okay, that's established. A couple of our hunters pulled agro but it didn't cause a wipe and I told the whole group to watch their agro. Done deal.

Next boss set up is for Karathress, the hunters from jae start asking for Blessing of Wisdom instead of Salvation. Makes sense. Good hunters know how to use feign death to their advantage and will prefer wis over salv in most cases.

They ask for the blessing change like 5 times in a row with no response. I ask the pallies to make the change. Finally, someone from cykos makes a comment that the hunters need salv because they can't control their agro. And then another one makes a claim pointing out a specific hunter in our guild saying he watched him and he can't control his agro. Our hunter tries to explain how feign death failed and sometimes that happens.

Now regardless of feign death failing, hunters still have to stop dps-ing to slow down their agro if they're over the tanks. So I understand the point the cykos guy was trying to make. But he kept calling out the guy personally and the hunter's pulling of agro didn't wipe the group. So it was kind of a moot argument that didn't need to be pushed.

But he kept pushing it trying to scold our hunter. And trust me, none of jae guys need to be yelled at or scolded. They aren't kids. They learn fast and they know when they make a mistake.

So our hunter says out loud in vent "don't try to school me on how to play a hunter. I know how to play a hunter"

And the cykos guy tries to argue back but at this point I simply say "let's talk about this later, concentrate on the fight guys" and it goes silent and we one shot Karathress.

But then the cykos guy whispers our guy "are you always an @sshole like this"

a couple of interchanges between them and our guy puts the cykos guy on ignore.

I don't find out about the whisper until after the raid. At which point, I get on vent and have a discussion with the cykos GM immediately. I told him personal attacks are unacceptable and aren't productive. If his guys have a problem with my guy, it should go through myself or him.

There is no need for calling out people in vent or raid or whispers. It's completely counter productive to personally attack someone regarding how they play and then expect them to take your advice. That's just jacked up logic. You have to earn someone's respect before they're going to trust you on advice and corrections.

You can't just try to personally humiliate someone and expect them to bow down to your will. Jae doesn't work like that. We don't drive our progression or success off of fear and intimidation. We work off of support and motivation. I know that sounds super corny but it really does make a difference in the environment of the guild.

And it's easy to take personal offense from people you don't know. So you have to be very careful about how you say things to people.

But that's the world outside the white picket fences of our guild. I've been out there, I hated it. The threat of gkick all the time, putting up with people who are complete @sses, instead of people being happy you get loot they devise ways to make sure you don't get it, or they spend all day arguing about loot, or constantly arguing over retarded things, and thinking the only way to communicate is to yell or scream.

So that's the con of doing a joint venture is that you have to expose everyone to that glimpse of the nasty outside. However, I'm hoping to ensure that this kind of behavior doesn't escalate. And I told the cykos GM that dealing with issues or problems that people might be having in the raid should only go through myself or him. Period.

But the opportunity to work with another guild and actually do decent progression is quite nice. And also sharing the leadership of raiding is a lot easier in terms of dealing with everyone and of course always having the numbers to raid is key.

And for the most part, the majority of cykos are decent kids who do what they're told and appreciate the opportunity they are being given. Which is nice to see for a change instead of the expectation of having things provided for you as a given.

There's always just one bad grumpy apple in the raid who wants to make everyone the common enemy. It's just a shame too because in the larger scheme of things what we're doing isn't supposed to be a horrible boot camp experience. It's supposed to be a challenging but fun adventure we get to do together.

I am hopeful things will start to get better after my talk with the cykos GM. Perspective. It's all about putting things into perspective.

On a side note: I'm still having a lot of fun raiding with our guild members....And we got to see Mt. Hyjal which who knew we ever would! I feel very lucky.

Plus our guys rock: Our rogue went nekkid for a Tidewalker pull that went bad. He used his birthday suit mod. He forgot to put his armor back on for the next pull and still did an avg of 700 dps...but more importantly, out dps'd the other rogue. lol. Nekkid!!

And our mages are growing insane with the two piece T5 bonus. They're 40/0/21 AP mages now and work nicely with our shadow destro locks cuz of curse of shadows. They synergy is sick. I've seen an avg increase in about 300 dps per character, sometimes higher. ME LIKEY!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Mt. Hyjal, Don't talk to Jaina Proudmoore

LOL. So we're all set to go into Mt. Hyjal for the first time. To start the event which consists of 8 waves of mobs and then Rage Winterchill himself, you speak to Jaina Proudmoore.

As soon we all step foot into the area, we say "no one speak to Jaina Proudmoore"
Two seconds later, someone speaks to her and the event starts. We hadn't even given out any assignments or buffs or healthstones or water or consumed flasks.

We just started going at it and in between the waves of mobs, we had everyone slowly buff up and conjured a soulwell. Then everyone was asked to put on their pvp trinkets to help with frozen tomb. So by the time Rage Winterchill phase came up we were sort of in position for what was ahead.

It was messy but we did it which was really nice. First attempt, jacked up start, but still pulled it off.

The second boss, Anetheron, wasn't so easy. We spent at least 4 attempts on him. We finally got the 8 waves of adds down to an art. Our biggest problem with the second boss was dealing with the infernals that drop down on random players. Next week we will have Anetheron down, mwahahahah!

Monday, June 09, 2008


WoW. I was digging through old data files on my computer and found my character sheet for the role playing game Shadowrunner. Geekatude Maximus!

Body 5
Quickness 6 (+1) 7
Strength 4
Charisma 4 (+2) 6
Intelligence 6
Willpower 5

Reaction (Q+I)/2 = 6

Knowledge Skills (30): Street, Academic, Background Interests
English (read/write)
Electronics Background
Mega Corporate Security
Matric Topography
Cyber Technology
Megacorporate Research
Sioux (read/write)
Elvish (read/write)
Megacorp politics
Underworld Politics
Data Havens
Matix Gangs
Jackpoint locations.
Japanese (read/write)

Weapons: Black Scorpion, Ingram Smartgun

Active Skills (30):

Computer 6
Electronic 6

Laser Weapons 2
Edge Weapon 3
Athletic 2
Negotiation 3
Stealth 4
Etiquette 3
Light Pistol 1

Chipjack .1 1000
Datalock .2 1000+EC
Knowsoft Link .1 1000
Memory Mp/300 Mpx150
Datajack .2 1000
Skillwire .2x max rating
Voicemod .2


Eilers, a female elf, was born to two human parents who accepted her for who she was and tried to protect her from the prejudices of other humans. It was painful growing up as an elf in an all human public school in the UCAS. When she graduated high school, she made it clear to her parents that she was pursuing college education in the Elven Country of Tir Tairngire. Her parents understood and supported her decision but warned her that she could not escape prejudice no matter what country she ran to.

After graduating from the Ehrich Mesa University with a double degree in biotechnology and medicine, she began working for a scientific research lab. Not long after working there, she met an astute elf named Eiland, who was working in the experimental department of the research lab. His parents disapproved of their courtship because of Eilers upbringing with humans. However, Eiland disobeyed and was disowned from his heritage. Half a decade later, they were married in a small ceremony back in UCAS in Eiler’s home.

Several years later, they had a baby female elf who they named Adelphia. They brought her up in Tir Tairngire pushing her towards the academics hoping she would one day join them in their field of research. Her parents never spoke of their work because it was a Class A security project. During her adolescence, her parents became driven and obsessed with their work and sent Adelphia off to boarding schools. She excelled in the arts of language, politics, and technology.

While at the Egan Boarding School she met Melba, a spunky elf, who soon befriended her. They became the best of friends throughout boarding school and college. They both majored in World Politics and Computer Technology and dreamt of a better world for all races. It was foolish dream, of course. Soon after Adelphia had started her first job working, a sub company for the same research lab her parents worked for, Melba became less and less available. She would only see her friend off and on for years at a time but they still contacted each other through telecommunication.

Melba began telling Adelphia about an affair she was having with a man working in a megacorporation called Global Technologies, Inc in the Seattle Area. For about a year, Melba raved on about this man and his company. Then one day on the eve of winter, she was brutally murdered for no apparent reason. Adelphia was distraught. She had lost her best friend and had a very strong feeling that the man she was seeing had something to do with it. She had flown up to the Seattle area several times to visit her friend and remembered a few of her acquaintances.

Adelphia spent several months in Seattle going through Melba’s things (her place had been trashed and robbed). She would find small leads from her friends but nothing ever turned up. She became so obsessed and determined to find Melba’s murderers that she had to quit her job at the lab much to her parents’ dismay. They were worried for her safety and begged her to come back to Tir Taingire. Adelphia insisted on staying and eventually moved her things to Seattle and found a part time job.

One day as she was coming home, she decided to stop by the taco vender to grab something to eat. She ordered two mega tacos and a bottle of Seattle Water. When she got home, she dropped her things on the floor, turned on her favorite movie, and took a bite of her taco. To her surprise, there was a snapping sound. She had just cracked through a chip of some sort. She quickly checked the other taco and found the same chip. She inserted it into her computer and a document appeared reading “64th and Monterrey at 9pm.” She checked her watch. It was 6:27pm.

Two and a half hours later, she was standing at the corner of 64th and Monterrey holding a holey umbrella in the rain. Soon, a man approached her. He didn’t give her his name but directed her to a car where they drove for what seemed to be ages. During the drive, the man told her about Melba’s “accident.” Apparently, she had been involved in a mission to retrieve data from Global Technologies Inc. using the man she had told her she was “involved with.” She had seriously under-estimated the corporations scrutiny of all of its employees and was discovered. Her fate was terminated that very weekend.

The man said he knew of her desire to exact revenge on those responsible for Melba’s death. He promised to help her for some fees of course and told her that from then on, she should call him by the name of Soleus. She made her first hit when she killed Melba’s lover and from then on she was a Shadowrunner giving up her identity as Adelphi.

She soon found herself in the underworld learning from un-named associates the ways of a shadowrunner. Two years later, she had cyberware installed in her body and began extensive training missions. A decade later, she stole highly classified data by hacking into the Global Technologies, Inc. and was almost terminated. She decided that her debt was paid. Unable to return to her normal life, she remained in the underworld receiving jobs through her contact Soleus and later Mazro. Adelphia met Mazro through an obscure job she was doing on the east side of town. He owned a small Art and B-title movies shop. They were able to conduct contact through his Art and movies.

Adelphia now goes by the name of “Phi” in the underworld where she lives in a small apartment with hundreds of paintings, tacos, and b-title movies. She can never go back.

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Druid Class Tee

Finally bought my next class tee since it's the class I'm currently raiding with. I still love my paladin of course but the versatility of the druid and the support healing is just way too good. I love bringing in the rolling HOTs. I can't stress how awesome they are for raiding.

Anytime there's a silence debuff for healers, I'm always like...<3 Druids and Priests! (and yes holy shock still rocks for those make up heals. don't worry, paladins still pwn @ss on main healing raids)

Friday, June 06, 2008

Duskwood Storm

Current Wallpaper:

Was on my way to Karazhan when it started raining really hard in Duskwood. It was very nice. I haven't seen rain in a long time in the game. It sprinkled a little last month in Zanger but when you're in Shat or instances all the time, you miss out on the world environmental effects.

It's simple things like this that make the game so immersing.

Thursday, June 05, 2008


From the creator of Jimmy, Pepitoz!

"you buy cat, 50 msk!"

"mmmm, 70 bonus resilience"

hehehe. classics.

Like a record

All the tiny flaws start to really show after 4 years. WoW's general idea of creating a general game for the general masses.....well...after we've stuck by this game for this long, it's frankly too general.

What do I mean by this? Well, it doesn't leave much in terms of devotion to your character or the game mechanics. Frankly, they're down right boring. For those of us gamers who got the game after the first year, it seems like we're relegated to just going through the motions of the same stuff with new skin...year after year.

Don't get me wrong. The game is beautiful and the simplicity is part of it's beauty. That's why it appeals to the masses. But how much longer are we all going to flip the record over and play the same damn song again?

I don't play the game because I think it's intriguing from a mechanical stand point. I play the game because it's the best damn social networking site out there...period.

I keep wondering if maybe WoW had limited everyone to one character but multiple classes...I'd be less boggled by the limitations of the game. After all, there's only so much rep grinding a human should ever have to stand. :)

And as WOTLK approaches, my mind goes into over drive as to what I'll be doing. Of course I know it's going to be amazing. But then I think....

Okay. another level grind for a minimum of 3 of my characters. Another round of drama as to who groups up with who and who gets in what raids and who doesn't. And yet another expansion where there are less and less healers in the game. And another round of re-gearing, leveling up professions, and rep grinding. More of the same but with a new dress on.

I mean as long as I get to play with my friends, I'll probably keep pushing it. And of course I want to see the new content. Just from getting to test at Blizzcon, the new area is very cool. I just don't think beyond the terrain, we're gonna see anything new to our game play. I hope they prove me wrong.

Monday, June 02, 2008

Monster Camp

I wanted to see this movie but it's not playing anywhere near here or so Fandango says.
damn these documentaries and their limited showings.

How can you beat it!
"I eat your mind one... I eat your mind two...I eat your mind three"
"What's that do?"
"Your mind is gone"

LOL. Finally a movie about the sub-sub gaming culture of LARPing.
Now I just gotta find how to see the darn thing.

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