Monday, December 31, 2007

Fast Track Update

(ZA progression with JAE...Akil'zon, Nalorakk, and Halazzi downed)
Yup, I'm still playing WoW....I geared up my paladin and slightly got back into PvE. I temporarily joined a new guild on the pally to see 25 raid content. It's a fairly casual raiding guild but they are completely and totally strict when it comes to raiding. It's nice because there's basically two people who call the shots and no one is allowed to debate about it during the raid.

(was along for the ride during their first kill of Tidewalker)
I remember from my 40 man cykos days all the BS we had to deal with when 6 people would be arguing with us about raid procedures during the pull. It was refreshing to see a dictatorship at work....imo the best type of raid for progression. So far I've gotten to see three bosses down in SSC, Mag down, and walked into Tempest Keep which was really nice.

Flip the coin though and it has a pretty huge tarnish that's already made me want to quit and get back to jae. BORING BORING BORING. Yes, I'm seeing new content...but when you're not seeing it with people you actually want to share the experience's totally meaningless. It's like going on a safari by yourself...interesting but not rewarding.

There are a couple of up and coming in JAE which I think will help fill out a 25 man things are looking promising in that direction but I don't keep my hopes up or anything.

(felix with vengeful helm...awesome graphic proc)
PvP has been going relatively okay. Since a few of us have been off and on in WoW, we haven't been able to practice as much as we need to. We only get in about 40 games per week at most. And like I've said before, you're going to climb and progress slowly in PvP without practice. We're mid 1700s right now but we're missing one of our key DPS players for two weeks. Two melee dps vs two caster dps is pretty huge I think in terms of pure matrix.

On my paladin I PvP-ed until I cried....nothing is impossible anymore. Now I'm working to get my rogue to that level because she's hella fun to play in PvP. There is nothing more poetic than locking someone out for 3 minutes of the battle. You know they're slamming stuff on the other end! hahaha..

I got an email from Merivell sending me a screenshot of a BE mage in a Battleground named Alachia. He thought I had turned horde. While I'd love to confirm that has to be denied. I'm fairly sure I'll never turn horde. It's just not in my blood and I have too much invested where I'm at. Four seventies, access to every profession, steady income, really good player resources, and of course my community.
I'd probably be more likely to switch to a new game than switch to horde. :( Sorry Merivell to disappoint. :)

In terms of podcasting...thanks to a few people who refuse to let me podfade in peace...I'm feeling insane pressure to produce the episode I've had on the back burner for 6 months now...and started to produce a new one. However, I want to do it right...meaning.. I want to find a way to produce the show on a more regular basis. My problem of course is inspiration atm.. I'd like to have at least 6 shows lined up in terms of ideas and content before I launch in 2008.

Oh yeah, thanks a lot to the people who have stuck with me and especially to those of you who keep trying to kick my ass in gear. :)

More clarification reports later on that silly shaman rumor. heheh.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Alachia Sighting?

What has happened to Alachia the ultimate noob pod-fader?
There have been wild and outrageous rumors that she went completely insane from extensive WoW play.... and then rolled a.... shaman!!!!!?????

This rumor can not yet be confirmed nor denied. :D

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