Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Slash Played

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I saw a cute little twitter exchange between @hawkito and @kathunter about my /played. I have never really done one before so I sat down this morning and pulled up my list of sixteen characters including alt banks.

The total was about 328 days. This did not shock me at all. In fact, it seems like quite a reasonable number for some who has been invested in the game for five years come this Christmas. That's like an average of what? 66 days a year.

If you calculate that the average American works around 245 actual days per year, the truly scary figure is that I only got about 3.5 hrs of sleep on avg for the past five years. LOL. Of course that's ridiculously skewed.

The number I found the MOST fascinating is my mage's play time. 70+ days. That's close to 20 more days than my other characters. The reason it is so shocking is because I played her far less in terms of month spans than the other ones.

I think it's a great commentary on the nature of raiding and gameplay from 40 man hardcore raiding back in vanilla wow vs the 25 and 10man raiding from TBC and WoTLK.

In the few months I raided with my mage, I racked up massive amounts of /played. Compared to my shaman who I have raided with for about a year, I only raided with my mage for about 4 hardcore months. But I nearly put in 35hrs of raid time each week, roughly 4-5 hrs for four week nights and anywhere between 10-15hrs on the weekends.

You can click on the image to go to the flickr site to see the notes regarding which character corresponds with the /played.


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