Sunday, January 10, 2010

ICC cont’d


Well we’re still going with raiding and are currently in ICC. The second wing has opened this past week. Three new bosses. yadayadyada. I’m not that impressed. Why I stopped writing so frequently in this blog is that I’m afraid of coming across exactly how I feel. JADED.

So the videos I’ve seen so far for downing Professor Putricide show three healers and a shadow priest. While we got to the final boss of the new wing this week, we didn’t down him. I get really annoyed when we have to move beyond two healers in our ten man. I consider it like riding without hands but you have training wheels on…not all that challenging.


I don’t know why I should care too much though considering, I’ve resolved to just see this expansion through to the Lich King and then be done with it (raiding for a bit). I’ll give you a good example as to why I’m a bit jaded by the lack of commitment on Blizzard’s part. Just take the two new bosses before Professor Putrice, Rotface and Festergut. They used the same fucking model to build the bosses. And two of the major trash pulls before the guys include dog like creatures which not only resemble Gluth from Naxarammas but contain his same mechanics like [Decimate] and Zombie spawn.

This is a company that was supposed to pride itself on creativity and surely must have the resources to make things a bit more spectacular for those who continue to work towards the gaming portion of the mmo.

I kind of find myself going through the motions now and I’m really just numb. I can’t decide if I’ve allowed myself to raid too long without a break or if this game is just getting too boring for my particular tastes in gaming? I guess time will tell. My ongoing love for the “game” portion of this WoW is waning but I still think it’s the best MMO out there at the moment.


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