Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Chat with a Mage

Eh. Need to put in a new post here so the Chinese stop spamming my comments.
Here's an old chat I had a few months ago with Flipmax regarding mages in Wotlk.

Alachia: since playing a mage in vanilla wow, do you find it harder to play a mage in wotlk?
Flipmax: well its a bit more challenging than b4 cuase arcane was never a viable spec until wotlk
Flipmax: compared to fire and ice
Flipmax: which were the main specs in vanilla wow and bc
Flipmax: so harder? id say yes compared to vanilla
Flipmax: however
Flipmax: we done do as much cc compared to the old instnaces either...we used more buttons back then
Flipmax: thru the expansions...everytiem they change talents and trees...mages would suck at the beginning of the patch...like hunters and rouges out dps mages...but after awhile when gear catches up and new set bonuses kicks in they come back on top as you saw last night
Alachia: more buttons how?
Alachia: like counterspell, sheep, decurse?
Flipmax: yea
Flipmax: strategic novas
Flipmax: running around doing specific jobs mages have to do
Flipmax: but there's not much of that anymore. its very point and shoot nowadays
Flipmax: dps is more of a blunt object now in may of the newest fights
Flipmax: the old fights were were always maximizing where we could stand and dps the most time. now there's not much of that
Flipmax: cept for festergut, putrid, and rotface wing
Flipmax: you guys dont even need our portals as much anymore
Flipmax: i can't roulette you guys now anywhere near as much as I could in kara
Alachia: lol
Alachia: interesting.
Flipmax: sounds like im on a podcast interview
Alachia: you are lol
Alachia: so what proc are you looking for the most with arcane?
Flipmax: arc blast
Flipmax: if you look at recounts that's what crits the most
Flipmax: as far as proc...you're alwasy looking for the arc missle proc
Flipmax: it's the most mana efficient thing to use now since it's free
Flipmax: but the challenge is to minimize mana consumption and maximize dps still
Alachia: so you arcane blast until arc missles proc?
Flipmax: for the most part right now
Flipmax: we think that might change once we get 4 piece bonus
Flipmax: since haste is the big stat for this t10 it seems
Flipmax: t9, crit and int were the big stats to get
Flipmax: now that you have haste. your mana is goign down faster. So you actually have to manage mana again. We thought we were going to have to do a lot of management just getting the 2 piece bonus, but not too much yet
Flipmax: getting that trinket that givies us 123 int is the reason mana is really plentiful right now
Alachia: does your counterspell silence mobs now?
Alachia: or did they take that out?
Flipmax: no that's still there

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