Friday, January 04, 2013

I Never Said Goodbye

To whomever may be still following this blog. Holy shit dudes. Talk about persistence OR you seriously need to clean your RSS feeds. lol.

So  yeah. Here's the skinny on me and WoWcast because I never did say goodbye. I podfaded like a no good WoW defector.

I stopped playing World of Warcraft about four years ago. I think. It was the spring before Cata came out, whenever that was. It was just time. I was done with the game and didn't have much interest in gaming at all really. I did play a little FPS afterwards and tried out SWTOR but nothing has held my interest much.

So yeah, despite a lot of people trying to persuade me back, I have not returned and doubt I will. But I wish everyone else who is still playing much happiness and luck in the game. 

The podcast WoWcast has been taken over by my dear friend Jeppy who has continued it on at WoWcast2 ( So if you're still into WoW podcasts, definitely check it out. I plan to keep up and running for a good while longer to maintain the archives. I need to revamp the site to make it obvious that it is an old podcast that is merely been archived etc.

If you're interested in me sans WoW, I'm over at tumblr now.
I also post daily to flickr pretty much:
And I'm still on twitter at:

MUCHO THANKS to all you awesome peeps who have been supporting my podcast since the get go..I got to know a lot of you and that's fucking awesome. Hope you all are living kick ass lives.. in-game or out!

See ya on the flip side, suckas!


Wulfgar111 said...

I just wanted to thank you for the awesome podcast when it was going strong.

I have been out of WoW for a few years as well, but I will always fondly remember joining the community with wide eyes and having your podcast to bridge those tedious work hours as I fed the beast that wanted to consume as much information as it could.

I hope you have been well and wish you luck on your future endeavors.

Unknown said...

I do still love listening to your archived podcasts and I still follow you in various social networks. I do have to say, seeing the REAL Alachia is awesome.

I have also stopped playing but have gone back and forth with trying to play. Plus, trying to catch up with updates and expansions is a bit much for my brain to figure out.

Actually, me and my hubby were just talking about playing again which I think I might in the next couple weeks as I will be recovering from a foot surgery I'm having on Tuesday and will be stuck in front of the TV & computer.

Regardless,I do still want to get a tattoo of your WoW4Life because I know I can always go back and play.

I, too, hope you are well and know you will do awesome in anything you do.

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