Saturday, April 15, 2006

WoW Funeral gets ganked

IN complete conjunction with my last episode. Here is an example of the prevailing conflicts of the MMOR+G.

My first reaction to this video was ... well i'm human.. of course it kinda pissed me off. I'm a realist. People are mocking the idea of this funeral as a bunch of "loser nerds who don't know how to go to a RL funeral." However, the dynamic of this game is that there is quite a bit of validation in the relationships you form here regardless of wether or not any RL contact exists.

The action taken by the "asshole guild" warrants the digust you will feel towards them after watching this. However, on the flip side, the reality of HUMANITY is that it is not a beautiful and respectful entity. Just turn on your local news. Assholes do prevail in this world... so no, i am not suprised at all to see such behavior. I feel sorry for both sides of the story.
Because there is NO real line between the RL and MMOs anymore. It's far too hard these days to draw a line between the game and reality since both are co-dependant... Because you can look at it both ways.
1) It's just a game. This is hilarious.
2) Real people and emotions are involved. This is sad.

Also check out this blog and read the comments posted. I found it pretty interesting.


wadark said...

Look the way I see it is like this: this is a PvP server. Anything you do like this is done at your own risk. Especially if you advertise it and the opposing guild finds out. I dont see a problem holding a funeral in-game. These are a bunch of people who didn't know him in real life but knew what happened to him. If it's the only way they can pay their respects then why not that's fine. But on a PvP server you run the risk of being ganked. That's just how it is. And reading some of the ocmments at the beginning of the video talking about how he wished someone would run through their funeral, that's just outrageous, regardless of what happened, this is a game and the funeral was not real it was something organized in the game, and wishing that kind of thing on someone else in real life because of an event in the game is ludicrous and frankly disgusting.

Anonymous said...

Well personally i think it evokes mixed feelings, on one hand its funny from teh video editing, and the song, other hand its saad because a personal emotional moment was ruined on purpose, i wanna know if the person really died in real life, because if a real person did die, then thats really not cool.

Anonymous said...

after watching the video again, im starting to believe that it is a set up, or at least half the horde are afk? because if you pay attenton to the HK: says they are killing many blood guards, stone guards, legionarre generals, master sargeants, which are all high ranks, at least reletivly high ranks, and personally i do not see much retaliation by the horde, i find it hard to believe that if they truly cared for the person, they would just sit bakc and let themselves be massacred by a much smaller amount of alli's at a thats my revised opinion

Alachia said...

is it incredibly naive that a pvp guild would perform an RP activity in contested territory? yes!

it's beyond the point of ignorance.

however, according to what i have read, this actually did happen. and the girl who died from a stroke is real. and the guild that tried to hold a memorial for her was real...

so yeah. i feel for that guild... i feel because they experienced a real loss..and then they experienced a real humilation.

i find it a bit hilarious though that a guild on a PVP server would ever think to participate in an RP ceremony. i mean.. dedicate the next Onyxia or Ragnaros or Nefarian kill to her... but don't go to some lake in winterspring out in contested territory....

but yeah.. those guys are assholes.
i'd probably be laughing if they had ganked a wedding..but i do hold quite a bit of respect for people's yeah.. i'm probably a jerk enough to be caught ganking a RP wedding..but def. not an RP funeral.

wadark said...

thats what I meant, I mean I feel for them for their loss and because the other gild were assholes for doing that, especially on purpose. But they were naive to try and do that especially in contested grounds. Had they done it in a capital city fine. But I will say this, the guild that did massacre the mourners were way out of line especially if they knew they were gathering and for what purpose, and from the video and how they're all running thru WS I would say they knew and just decided to be assholes.

Anonymous said...

It's sad when you lose an in-game friend like this and you have no way of getting to the RL funeral (which may have happened before you even found out) but you feel the need to do something. So I can understand them holding the in-game memorial.

As for the ganking, it happens all the time in PvP environments no matter what game you play where you have RPers and PvPers. The two groups come from two totally different arenas, so to speak. While they may mix occasionally (usually RP->PvP, rarely the other way) they will never be able to peacefully co-exist if PvP is active. And as long as PvP is an option the "gankers" will never be in the wrong game-wise. As for the jerkitude factor in this case, I'll just lump them in with those jerks who grief you in RL because they're "keeping it real" (I really hate that phrase!). Whatever. Just walk on.

So, what's the in-game fallout of all this? Is Serenity-Now on everyone's list, being hunted and counter-ganked by every guild out there at every opportunity (I notice their web site is down)? Are they allied with other guilds who think that was the coolest thing ever? Are they being actively hunted at every turn in a real honest-to-God heartfelt guild war? That would actually be kind

wadark said...

As slightly evil as that sounds, it does sound very cool at the same time.

Anonymous said...

Omg! that just makes me mad. (even though i hate horde) These are people trying to comemorate a fallen friend and this f***ing guild comes along and kills everyone at the memorial. At times i take WoW as a real life thing so to me this was like as if my mom died and i was in a gang and we were at her funeral and all of a sudden an opposing gang comes by and does a drive by and kills us all. That is just S-A-D.

[/bow to fallen gamer]

Laughing Skull

Jennaratrix said...

Am I wrong to find this funny?

Let me say a few things: I lost a game-friend to real-life cancer, and yes, I cried. So that has happened to me.

I play on a PvP server and I HATE getting ganked. I shouldn't even play on a PvP server, but the boy likes it and we play together. So I understand that aspect of it, too.

But honestly, I laughed so hard I thought I was going to hurt myself.

To answer a couple of questions, my understanding about the planning of the funeral was that the attendees chose not to bring and/or equip weapons. So that may explain how they were so easily wiped. Also, they weren't prepared for battle, and I'm guessing there was all kinds of ceremonial chat going on and it took them a while to figure out what was going on, shut everyone up and try to get organized. You have to remember, SN knew what was going down, there would have been 30-90 seconds of confusion on the Horde side, and that's all they needed.

I'm sorry, I know it's awful, but I think it's pretty funny. And the preface with "Yesterday" in the background was so over the top (threatening to run through a real life funeral and tip the casket? Come on!), not to mention completely misspelled and using such atrocious grammar, that it made it hard to take them seriously.

Anonymous said...
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