Thursday, May 04, 2006

Gratz to World of Warcast!

Gratz to starman, renata, and asros!
world of warcast is number #18.. actually #17 now!!!

i am just bouncing off the walls excited that WoW is getting this kind of exposure across general enterainment media. GO STARMAN! GO RENATA! we <3 you!


Vaz said...

Like it should :)

Squarehed said...

You downed Nefarian on my Birthday ;p

Eloysius said...

I don't know how often you check, but Wowcast is still in the top 100 casts in Arts and Entertainment on iTunes - you're consistently hovering around 75-85 or so. :)

wowcast said...

heh. yeah i know.
but i think warcast got up to 14...
was discussing it with starman..we're not sure how these things get rated..but damn.. sure was exciting to see a WoW podcast up there for a change!

..and a non corporate or NPR related one to boot!

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