Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Where have you been!??

The Downing of Nef by Cykos

nope. i haven't been swallowed by Nefarian. I've just been ...away.

A lot has changed since the last episode was released. My WoWplay is going to mutate a bit..but I'll be explaining all that jazz in a future episode...cuz it's some good shit. heh.

Lots of exciting stuff happening in the WoW world and I haven't even been gone that long! I just got back from vacation..got to travel around and see San Francisco, Astoria, Victoria, Vancouver, Denver... pretty fun.. but I am looking forward getting back and leveling my fishing to 300!!! booyah! I can't wait.


wadark said...

yay! alachia is back. Loved 14, though YOUR FRIEND WILL JOIN YOU SOON ENOUGH starts to wear on your nerves, kinda makes you wanna hit even harder.

wowcast said...

yeah. funny thing is that after raiding for so long.. you learn to tune out the NPC...as well as other annoying people. :)

wadark said...

ooooooo people...if it weren't for the people this game would be flawless...ok not everyone's a pain, just the majority of people I run into...go figure

wowcast said...

i hear ya man.. i hear ya!

i wanted to market a t-shirt that said "I hate people" but then i thought i might get hit by too many beer cans and dog shit.

wadark said...

ouch, sounds...smelly, to say the least. Well, I have the shirt that says "I don't discriminate, I hate everyone equally" and I get by ok.

nili said...

Yes! And now that you are back make episode 15 so i can get my wow-fix at work. :)

wowcast said...

i know. it's like a i need a boss or something to keep me on track with deadlines. i actually edited the night before but then last night i went to finish episode 15 and i couldn't concentrate cuz taint and sadin were plaing BF2 with the speakers cranked up.
nothing like trying to podcast with the sounds of heavy artillery in the background. :D

Anonymous said...

It's good to have you back...I've moved on from my 60 shammy to having rolled alliance on alter of storms...I've got a priest now...lovely times. Hope all is well!


Maclort said...

Howdy alachia, that was amazing - i loved 14 but i love you more (stalker alert!!) come on waitin for 15, trying to be patient but i just got all my podcasts (WoWCast and TavernCast) on a random play Playlist which i listen to every day, dammit my MP3 Player isnt even used for music anymore. Anyway tangent - I am getting bored of listening to the same podcasts over and over! Cant wait for 15, i bet it will rock.
(Where can i get one of those shirts?)

Sangai said...

So what's the secret evolution? Druid coming back into the game to Tank? Out heal priests?

...and I hope you're not planning on fishing up Epics in ZG!

At least I can listen to your podcasts over and over. I keep coming across intentional or unintentional information that I can use in-game.

Keep it up.

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