Tuesday, June 13, 2006

WorldofPodCast: Public Test Realm Episode 1 (1.11)

World of Podcast hosted by Sam has put out it's first WorldofPodCast: Public Test Realm Episode 1 (1.11)

He did a superb job covering the upcoming patch.
Very informative, concise information, and the best of crude commentary!

"....licks my left nut and then fucking rubs it with sand paper"



WorldofPodCast said...

People expect no less than crude commentary from me.

And I deliver.


Now, go join my forums, dammit!

Anonymous said...

...and don't forget the burps, we expect those too!


Oh yeah, and the PSA's telling us that smoking is bad.

wowcast said...

foum shmorum.
all right all right.

and do us all a favor sam. register a domain name! wowcast will gladly donate. :D

Anonymous said...

"I hope whoever came up with this idea should be shot between the balls, raped by a rabbit cow, then shot again!!!" Lol!! I loved it... the sand paper thing was pretty awesome too! Besides his .... "crude commentary" he pointed out some good things and i learned some stuff! He rox!!!

~ Midnightsage ( Anonomyous? whos that! ^.^ ( im not that stupid ) )

Midnightsage said...

Rabbid cow*

Midnightsage said...

Whens your next podcast coming out?! Lol i know you have stuff coming out im just dying to know because one day i just decided to type in World of warcraft in itunes one day and ur the first thing that came up! Your my favorite of the WoW podcasts you can contact me on my xanga if you have one: Btw an idea for a podcast.... all about pvp ranks.... how to obtain honor and how u go up ranks because of other peoples ranks and stuff? I dont think you've done an episode on that... but i'd like to see that!! You rock Alachia!!!! I'm ur... #1 fan! or... #2 or 3.. or .. something... you rock!!! lol

~ Midnightsage 40 hunter NE, Moonrunner Alliance

Maclort said...

Alachie, im having some laziness issues otherwise i would e-mail all this crap to you but was wondering... I remember in a previous episode you talking about Old Ironforge and posted screenies of it. Well i managed to get into Caverns of Time and took loads of screenies, i would be honored if you could put them on your site ^^.

Please reply here, dont want to go to all the bother of sending them if you dont want them. lol

(WoWcast rocks, keep up the classic work missy)

Maclort said...

Ah my bad, Typo: Alachia not Alachie

Anonymous said...

where did you go?? /sob!
i miss this podcast
serenitic on mal`ganis

Anonymous said...

Alachia can you take a sec and post here if you have quit the podcast? Thanks!!

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