Thursday, August 03, 2006


Dear Listeners,

I'm sorry to say that this podcast is no longer.... hehheehe..


go download the new episode! Number one six is up.

A couple of apologies. Sorry for not staying updated here and also an apology to everyone who has written in the last month. I will get to the emails. Work/Emo crap got in the way.

I have rigged my office computer so that I can send and recieve wowcast emails easily. so my responses should be more timely from now on!

Again. thanks to everyone for being so patient!



Unknown said...

I gotta comment on that Atlas guy's thought to "revitalize" the economy on his server:

He should be shot, in many places that hurt, and hurt badly... then the pain should begin in ernest.

I'm sorry, but if his server had low prices on items, he should have been fucking happy about it, period.

1g for light leather? It's worth half that since they made it stack to 20, it was only worth around 25 silver when it stacked to 10. GG low level non-alt leatherworkers, tailors, and blacksmiths.

8g for Runecloth? 1.25g max is the worth.

What he doesn't realize is he's actually just started ruining his server's economy. Once prices start going up like that, they never go back down. New players get fucked, and resort to buying gold just to get mats and level up their crafting skills, which means prices keep going up to make the gold back for the gold sellers, so more people buy gold to get their items... It's circular, and it never ends.

So, Atlas, if you read this, I hope your entire server blacklists you for everything you ever want to do. Your personal greed at wanting to make more money and your oh-so-philanthropic desire to "revitalize" your server's economy is just going to lead to the problems people have on other servers that have high ass prices: massive amounts of gold sellers, prices that completely fuck new players, and a sudden server-wide call of "What the fuck happened to this server's economy?"

Enjoy the constant in-game mail spam from gold sellers, and whispers from them as well. Once they see your server is an open market, they'll infest it like maggots on a rotting corpse.

Sorry for posting this on your blog, Alachia, But, I;d send him his own personal email about it if I knew it.

Anonymous said...

It is so nice to have you back Alachia!! I missed your show so much!!!!

wadark said...

...dont do that, almost gave me a heart attack. LOL just kidding, but its good to have u back.

wadark said...

oh and whats the deal with this atlas guy? whatd he say and where can I find it?

Anonymous said...

Good to see you're back! The show was great, I'm sitting here in work and just finished listening to it...I have to say that I was stuck in the same rut as you were, I stopped playing my Shaman for the very same reason...I left the game for upwards of a month because of work and personal life...after coming back to it, it was almost unbearable the pressure I got when I came back, /tells galore asking where I'd gone, why I'd gone there etc...

So, I decided to change everything...I switched servers, characters, factions, class and I'm loving it again...I went Alliance and decided to try out the Paladins, I'm having a great time exploring the world again without the pressures of HAVING to be there for someone.

Either way, great show, it's good to see you're back but, at the same time I can completely understand why you needed a break.

Hope to hear from you soon.


Anonymous said...

Woot!!! I cant tell you what a relief it is to have you back on air, and also that you are not alone in what you went through. I recently quit my own guild and just felt burnt out. I am also now back and having fun with my alts and just goofing off with my main (60 Tauren Warrior) without any pressure to be somewhere or doing something _ my life is my own again!!! and i am enjoying it.

love your show
cant wait for more

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


I was glad to hear of your struggle with your guild and the things you needed to confront to go back to the warm fuzzy that got you into WOW in the first place. I got into podcasting , because of your show and enjoy it quite a bit, I would really like to have a chance to chat with you on WOW and your return. Thanks for your perspective on the game.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad the sexiest voice in WoW podcasting is back in buisness!

Seriously though, this podcast was one of the best of all of your podcasts. I enjoyed your perspective on the state of WoW raiding. I too quit out of dispair of the endless grind of raiding. I feel that the biggest downfall of this game was the requirement that you *must* join a large guild to see the most challenging content.

But after I heard that the expansion will not include any more 40 man raid instances, I got excited and decided to come back. The largest instance in the expansion is capped at 25 people! So some friends of mine are starting a small guild and leveling alts until the expansion without feeling guilty that I am not progressing any longer. Maybe you can talk about this in your next podcast.

Anonymous said...

zomfg...ur emo?!

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