Sunday, September 17, 2006

PC Load Letter. WTF!?

SO! You can't say I shouldn't get an E for Effort! I spent 2 hours recording with Kitch this afternoon for the next cast. And as I was saving the recording, my crappy computer just crashed.

I'm going to try and recover the data but I think it's gone. I've had to start using my gaming machine as my main computer ever since my main computer started blowing up at random. Most probalby hard drive failure but I changed it out just a few months ago. I want to throw it off my balcony I'm so mad(hopefully it doesn't crush my dog).'ll be another week at least.

in other news, i respeced my rogue today. cost me 15g because i messed up once. :( but i'm hoping this will allow me to do more dps in PVE until i get geared for PvP. :) -> Info -> Classes -> Rogue -> Talent Calculator


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