Friday, September 08, 2006

dreaming of my village

Ugh. at work again working late. i keep dreaming or daydreaming of going back home, logging into WoW, and going to my new favorite getaway spot.

boozefort showed it to me. it's this little farming village in between dun morogh and the wetlands that is only reachable by scaling the mountains and dropping off a water fall. i wish i had my screen shot available to post right now.

weird enough. i found myself roaming around the village checking out the cows..hay stacks...scarecrow...and fishing in the little lake with the sound of the waterfall gushing.

there was something about finding a place in the game that was so secluded... i felt so relaxed.

Just like that WoW Exploration video I posted in my blog awhile's nice to be in these areas and just exist.

It was also pretty cool because I found places where the texture mapping wasn't resolved and it reminded me so much of when I was doing 3dmax studio renderings and I could never get the faces to map right. :)

anyhow, that's where I wish I was right now....sleeping on top of the wagon full of hay. :)

edit: 09/14/06
pic of my village. heh!


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