Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Higher Learning is Hard

Higher Learning is Hard
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I camped the Dalaran Visitor Center for about an hour and got one book so I thought I'd go ahead and try for another book.

I don't think I have the patience for [Higher Learning] lol. I've tried checking after server restarts but the problem is I'm not around most of the time when servers reset. I also can't find the book channel for my server. I'm tempted on getting on my priest to use the Mind Vision guide to the books I read on the WoWhead comments.

/targetexact [button:1,nomod]Afsaneh Asrar;[button:2,nomod]Sandra Bartan;[button:1,mod:ctrl]Archivist Betha;[button:2,mod:ctrl]Archmage Timear;[button:1,mod:alt]Rhonin;[button:2,mod:alt]Zidormi;
/cast Mind Vision

I hear it works for keeping tabs on all the book locations to see if they've spawned. It'll beat putting my watch on a 4 hour spawn timer or staring at a corner for a couple of hours.


Stompalina said...

It took me weeks to get all of those books. Lucky for me, a few guildies were keeping an eye out, too. I couldn't have finished it if it weren't for their scouting!

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