Thursday, September 03, 2009

Old Azeroth Highlights

Here are some great highlights from the flickr set. Thanks to everyone for helping to post!







1. Sunken Temples , 2. Dancing trolls!, 3. Thunder Bluff, 4. Hyjal, 5. My WoW House!, 6. Cenarion Hold, 7. Maraudon, 8. Blood Myst Isle, 9. Crystal Lake of Elwynn Forest, 10. Dwarven Farm 2, 11. Felwood, 12. Darnassus


Souldarite said...
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Souldarite said...

Alachia, I dont have a Flickr, but heres this. Feel free to use it however/repost to Flickr, or whatever.


And this, you may remember him.

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