Monday, October 26, 2009

Trick or Treats of Azeroth

I used Astarte66’s guide on the wowhead comments to do my Trick or Treats of Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdom. Saved me a ton of time. These are the alliance flight paths. Made it easy for me to watch Sunday Football and do my achievements at the same time.

Alliance Kalimdor
1 Teldrassil, Dolanaar
2 Darnassus, Craftsmen's Terrace
3 Darkshore, Auberdine
4 Exodar, Seat of the Naaru (inside the inn, up the ramp)
5 Azuremyst Isle, Azure Watch
6 Bloodmyst Isle, Blood Watch
7 Winterspring, Everlook (careful if you are hated here)
8 Ashenvale, Astranaar
9 Stonetalon Mountains, Stonetalon Peak
10 Desolace, Nijel's Point
11 Feralas, Feathermoon Stronghold
12 Silithus, Cenarion Hold
13 Tanaris, Gadgetzan (careful if you are hated here)
14 Dustwallow Marsh, Mudsprocket
15 Dustwallow Marsh, Theramore Isle
16 Barrens, Ratchet (careful if you are hated here)
Take the boat to Booty Bay and start on Eastern Kingdom

Alliance Eastern Kingdom
1 Stranglethorn Vale, Booty Bay (carefull if you are hated there)
2 Westfall, Sentinel Hill
3 Duskwood, Darkshire
4 Stormwind, The Trade District
5 Elwynn Forest, Goldshire (do quests to put out the fire)
6 Redridge Mountains, Lakeshire
7 Ironforge, The Commons
8 Dun Morogh, Kharanos (outside of Iron Forge)
9 Loch Modan, Thelsamar
10 Wetlands, Menethil Harbor
11 Hillsbrad Foothills, Southshore (compleate quests at Southshore)
12 Hinterlands, Aerie Peak (inside, through the tank room, up stairs)
13 Eastern Plaguelands, Light's Hope Chapel

I am now only waiting on the damn RNG to go in my favor to get my squashling. Otherwise, I miss the meta achievement for whole year. :( *crosses fingers*


Nanci said...

I, also, am just waiting on the Sinister Squashling. I will be very disappointed if I don't get my drake due to RNG. I hope you get yours!

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