Sunday, November 01, 2009

Dead Man’s Party

You would have thought I'd learned my lesson by now after missing the [What a Long Strange Trip It's Been] Meta achievement because of one stupid RNG'd think.

But here I am on [Dead Man’s Party] doing this one as well. I guess the truth is I'm a glutton for punishment. It did help that this one is easy.

I went to the graveyard of MY racial faction capitol city. Danced with a lady named Catrina. Boom, achievement completed!

In addition, I bought the [Recipe: Bread of the Dead] and the [Orange Marigold]. I had already brought the [simple flour] and [ice cold milk] with me. I then made the bread, used the Marigold to summon the spirits, found the spirit with a quest and turned it in. Now I have a cute little [Macabre Marionette] pet which no one knows is permanent or not. I hope it is.

I put the extra flour and milk in the guild bank so other guildies can hopefully use it. Don't want it to waste :)


Strumpet said...

Seeing as this is easy, I might spend some time doing it!

HScot said...

I got hit by the RNG Meta-suck as well. I hit the Headless Horseman over 20 times, not one squashling came up. Trick or treated every possible moment I could(at least 100 times) - no squashling...

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