Wednesday, August 30, 2006

not alone

wow. thanks so much to everyone who wrote in and shared their stories with me. i totally don't fill alone anymore. thanks so much for the support.

i'm one email away from being caught up. heh.

been having a lot of fun in WoW. hell, even when i'm not doing anything particular, i'm having fun.

my new kick is cooking in the game. it's always something. :) Send me all your white spider meat and tender wold meat and runn tumm tubers please. hehe.

my rogue is 56. she's so awesome. playing a rogue is so much fun. you must roll a rogue if you are on a pvp server. i was taking down level 60s at level 51. mwahahah.

being back in JAE has been lovely. it's pretty much just friends and family. i can't stress how wonderful it is to be in a guild where everyone is mature, nice, smart, and funny.

we've been doing casual lbrs/ubrs runs.

last sunday, we attemped ZG for fun. it was totally impromptu. i seriously didn't think we'd get past the first boss. we only had 17 ppl and some of them weren't even 60 and still wearing blue/green gear.

we took down the snake boss and spider boss in one try. the bat boss in two tries. and then we got to the raptor boss and tried it twice. then it was time to go to bed since pretty much everyone has a job.

very impressive. i've seen preimere epic guilds not do so well on their zg attempts. amazing how much a difference it makes when everyone listens. hahah.

so where is the next podcast? started notes on it already. gonna do some recording this weekend. topic?
hahaha. as if i'd give that away!

much love to you all ('cept the shammies). lol.


Anonymous said...

Glad to see you enjoying WoW again!
Keep up the great podcasts!

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