Thursday, April 23, 2009

Children's Week Charity Auction

Last night I had this spontaneous twitter contest when I found an un-opened pre-paid 60day card on my shelf when clearing out stuff. I dunno, I just decided I wanted to do a give-away on the spot so I twittered a contest to name at least 3 of my favorite snacks.

One of the first to respond was @eljeppy who said he wanted me to donate the card to theChild's Play Auction. Turns out he only got 2/3 of my favs as many people did. @RevFry won with skittles, cupcakes, and oreos! (my other fav snacks would include nilla cakesters, starbursts, sweedish fish, gummi bears)

I was really glad I did the contest otherwise, I might not have gotten the heads up about Child's Play auction being hosted by one of our own WoWzens! In honor of Children's Week in WoW, Brigwyn from The Hunting Lodge is hosting an auction to help raise money for Child's Play.

The post "Children’s Week Child’s Play Charity Auction Update" has Brigwyn's personal story regarding the issue. I have to definitely /salute Brigwyn for finding a way to integrate a great cause into the next fun WoW holiday event. So even if you don't get your meta achievement, you can still gain something great here.

I was trying to think of something I could donate to the auction but all I could come up with was a nice gaming headset??? Not sure yet. Any suggestions?

Check out the event at The Hunting Lodge blog for more details on the auction and be sure to bid! :D


Brian said...

You could auction off an interview or appearance on the podcast and a feature on the blog about the winner and his or her toon.

Alternatively, you could pony up a nifty Wowcast t-shirt.

Or, you could offer to fly the winner to Bangkok and take them out on the town for a night of debatchery and sin.

My personal favorite would be to auction off Felix's mobile phone number so that if they had any questions day or night about anything in Wow, they could just call.

Lance Miller said...

Maybe a cool loot card from the WoW CCG?

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