Tuesday, April 07, 2009

We Did it Jeppy!

Last Monday, we got our [Glory of the Raider] achievement with the finish of 3D Sarth 10man. It felt good to finally nab it down after the many, many, many wall run-ins we've had. We started trying for the achievement well before any of us had the gear for it. More importantly, I was glad we were able to do finish out with our group of ten.

The whole setup for achievements has been a little more than frustrating when you read the strats that say "dump your melee for all casters" or "dump your shaman for a holy pally" or "trade out your druid tank for a DK"....or even "just get a warlock to have his pet tank it"....etc

And the few guilds on our server who were able to complete 3D well in advance had the sweet luxury of picking and choosing their team. Also, I wouldn't exactly call it picking up "pugs" when you hand pick who you're bringing. The only reason I complain is that these are the same people who mock you for not being able to drop 3D with your static group.

I just couldn't imagine dropping a few of our guys just to get the achievement done..it wouldn't be as sweet for sure. The whole point was that we accomplished this together.

And while the victory was so lovely and a sense of relief washed over me as the little Glory of the Raider achievement popped up, I was extremely sad to look over and see that Jeppy (my dear friend from bindpoint) was not in the vent channel.

For weeks he and Ejji have been listening in on our "WAVE WAVE! VOID VOID! WAVE" songs. Don't ask me why. lol. I thought they were masochists. :) But this week he fell ill and hasn't been able to get online so he missed our green lighting of the vent channel when we busted out the "F-yeah!!!"

So this video is for you, Jeppy. Get well soon!


Jack said...

(Ejji)The moment I heard the screams of joy on Ventrilo I knew JAE team succeeded :D

Dustin said...

Whats the Song?

Cirion said...

Congratulations on completing the hardest encounter in WotLK.

Cylena said...

Big congratulations on the kill and on completing the meta-achievement.

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