Monday, April 06, 2009

NE Hunter Desktop

Damn, I knew I should have rolled a NE hunter! I just came across the desktop today and really love it. It's a bit suggestive but the proportions and coloring are perfect. I just wish Night Elf faces really looked like this in the game instead of the freaky clown look they all have.

I couldn't find the true source of the artist. I wanted to see about getting a high quality image.


Dalmore said...

WOW "a bit suggestive"...... you think. If you do come across the artist let us know I would like to compliment him/her as well.

Jemimus said...

This is by the same artists that has done all those other erotic ones we came across!
Perhaps I should add them to the bp share? ;)

trizophenie said...

The artist is called azazel1944 on deviantart. Here's the direct link to that pic:

wowcast said...

thanks trizophenie!

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