Friday, June 19, 2009

Looming Date


Now that we have the in-game calendar, all the holidays loom before us like a ticking time bomb. I was pretty gung ho about the holiday events (everyone wants their violet proto) but ever since the Children’s Holiday, I start to bite my nails when I see an upcoming holiday.

Will I get it done? How long will it take? Will there be the annoying RNG factor to fear like the V-day holiday event? Terrible, no? That something that should be considered a sort of fun thing to do would turn into a bout of anxiousness.

I mostly think they don’t interest me as much because I end up missing the first spree of achievement rallies and end up having to do the quests solo. Hopefully, it’s like last year though and you get to go around pissing on horde bonfires. hehehe.


Starman said...

This one's my favorite. In fact, Blizzard must have started keeping track of my progress last year before Wrath because it lists a ton of Midsummer items I already finished. Good luck!

Interminable Immediacy said...

Again with the Horde hate, Alachia. Makes me sad. T_T

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