Sunday, June 14, 2009

Rille II does Westfall


Rille got entangled in the business of the SI:7 and some conspiracy involving Van Cleef and the Defias. Rille did not care much about the conflict other than he was promised gold and the opportunity to decapitate someone’s head.

Along his journey, he came across a camp of Gnolls responsible for helping out the thieves of Dead Mines. He had no problems taking on three to four at a time. Rille is awesome like that.

However, a pesky and stinky human priest came through and tried to battle the Gnolls himself. Unable to keep himself alive, the priest fled in a panic thus leading the entire camp to Rille.

Rille was able to battle two more before falling. Rille has a distaste for weakling priests. Silly little human, PWNing is for gnomes.


Souldarite said...

cute. :D

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