Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Episode 44 Supplemental

Episode 44: Starman Portals is up.
You can download it here or subscribe to WoWcast on itunes.

I had a really great time picking Starman's brain last Sunday night. He's one of those meta peeps who has opened up portals in the meta in all different realms. The most prominent one being World of Warcast Podcast. It was actually interesting to hear his approach to podcasting and what he's trying to accomplish with his media outlets.

Everyone has their opinions about fragmentations. Lately, I've come to understand that people are very particular about how they culturally integrate in the meta. Some use it as an outlet, some as a media soap box, some as teaching tool, and others to realize themselves or to become something different all together, an evolution per se.

Few things are harder to grin and bear than the feeling of repression. When we can't be who we want to be to the people we care about is much like living in your own personal prison. To tie this in with WoW, go listen to a group of raiders who aren't familiar with each other vs a group of RL friends raiding together. It's night and day really.

I think it takes time to find where you want to be in the meta. I've encountered quite a few people who just can't except this state of living as valid or don't know how to feel comfortable integrating.

Just think about it, how often 10yrs ago would have posted your diary to strangers or been comfortable showing your family album to anyone in the entire world? As Jemimus said last week, "Make no mistake, we are in the middle of a revolution." I totally agree with him, that we do not see the full profound implication of what is happening around us. It will be talked about and studied for years and years to come for sure.

This is definitely a cultural revolution. As we refine how we define ourselves online, it'll become clearer just how we should engage with each other.....right now, you have to realize that most of the proper tools don't even exist yet.

Starman's Push My Follow podcast definitely delves into a lot of the new media tools of today. It's a round table discussion podcast from people who are pretty versed in new media formats of the meta.

Also be sure to check out geekistry.com for more of Starman's mind dumps. It'll be interesting to see what is to come.


Aaron said...

I've listened to your podcast probably since the beginning (or at least very close) and you continually have these thought provoking ideas that I find very interesting! Someday when the news gets into this and writes a story or someone writes a book (*cough* maybe yourself, Alachia!), I'll think back to this podcast. You seem to be on the cutting edge of some new form of "online Psychology" that I find fascinating. Keep up the good work!

Staab said...

I was listening to your podcast as so much of it reminds me of how we treat people in real life how we talk to our friends different than our family and even those things we keep to outsevles. I think the idea your on to isn't just that people choose to see only small parts of a person but also how we as people like to break ourselves into pieces as a way to protecting ourselves.

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