Friday, September 29, 2006

Episode 17 is up

Sup yo!!
Wowcast Episode 17 is up thanks to the Boulderfist server going down for upgrades. :)


Maclort said...

My hands go up for servers going down! I must have loaded your website five mins before you posted the latest download. I was shocked to see it had changed already :D About to listen to it

Mopster said...

Hehe, I agree with the first sentence from Maclort.
Going to listen to your new podcast in a minute.
Thanks for the new episode :)

wowcast said...

maclort. i just realized that i said your name wrong in the episode. appologies man!! i need 2learn2read!

Maclort said...

I was gonna send an e-mail with something like 'wtf noob?' but decided against it :D (joke)
Nah i loved the mention, great show, was really interesting. I always wondered what you studied and for some reason always assumed Psychology..

Cáthy said...

Hey Alacia, greetings from Germany from one of your biggest fans overseas :)

Well.. well, what should I say... Nice episode as always and very very nice short-stories. As I recently discovered the Un'Goro crater myself and whas overwhelmed with the landscape and the creatures (just like in Jurassic Park) I liked the first hunter-story the most. This is a very nice concept with the short stories, looking forward to hear more of them.

The words about addiction to the game are so true... YES it is too addictive, but... well you know what I would say ;)

Cáthy of German Server "Tirion"

60Rogue (Eonar) said...

So.... I am listening to the show right now. I think that you have a point about the lifestyle VS. addiction, and I think it makes a lot of sense. The problem I have run into is this: I haven't been able to find a way to reconcile having WoW as a lifestyle, with maintaining a romantic relationship.

I'm getting married soon, and kind of preparing myself to go down to 1 or 2 nights per week of WoW. My (future) wife doesn't object to WoW, but she thinks it's just a game. She isn't a gamer at all, so 'converting' her is pretty unlikely. She's the woman of my dreams, and she's a good sport about it all, but how do you have a full, rewarding relationship *and* maintain your WoW lifestyle?


60Rogue (Eonar) said...

Heh- that lifestyle thing makes more and more sense the more I think about it. Have you ever met a hardcore surfer? They'll get up at sunrise to go surfing before school, sneak out at lunch, and then go after school.

The difference is this- they can only surf during the day (due to visibility, wildlife issues, etc.) and in most places, only 6-9 months a year. Plus, it makes you healthier- exercise, etc.

No one ever talks about "surfing addiction".


wowcast said...

eonar: unfortunately, my friend, relationships are a lifestyle unto themselves. and no relationship or working relationship ever came without compromise and sacrifice. because you love her, you will have to compromise parts of your lifestyle to fit hers.

there are a few JAE guys whose wives do not play WoW but they still engage in WoW pretty regularly BUT in moderation.

you know...instead of watching an NFL game or NASCAR all sunday afternoon, they're playing WoW. or instead of going out for poker night, they're raiding.

who knows...maybe one day she'll fall in love with a NE priest and be a gamer 4 life. :)

Surfs up!

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