Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Full Raid equals Pwnage

rawrrrr!!! JAE downs hakkar.
to our amazement, we actually had a full raid last night. and just as we suspected. since we spanked with 13-15, we pwned with 20!

This is a screenshot taken by Kitch. I had one that has me in it but this one seemed more hilarious.


Unknown said...

You made them listen to my ZG cast, didn't you? You evil, evil woman...

Now their ears will be bleeding for all eternity!

Alachia said...

no, i did not you biznatch. but i sure listened to it and my ears did not bleed. was a great episode. can i hire you to come yell at the warriors about demo shout??? lol. almost all strategies are skewed though when you're running with a skeleton crew.

anyhow. awesome episode. can't wait for more. i wanna be there for the mauradon episode. it's my favorite!

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