Friday, May 01, 2009

After all These Years

bradley45 @alachia after all these years of playing WoW, how do you keep yourself still interested in it? #just-wondering

That's a good question. I think that's one of the greater things about this game. It offers a lot of dimension and you can take from it from multiple levels of game play.

There's a ton of autonomy in the game for doing things on your own or off with your friends. If you tend to play the game on a strict level of grinding gear and instances, yeah, you might run out of "things to do" pretty fast.

In fact, right now, all I've had time to do really is do a few dailies every now and then and hit up Ulduar raiding 10mans and 25mans. To be honest, this does not hold my interest very much because it's what I consider "surface play"...

The real heart of loving the game is when you get that feeling of submersion into the world. That's the only thing that keeps this game sustainable. What I love to do is solo alts by myself as this holds my interest for quite a sustained period of time.

I normally level so fast with my group that I miss out on a lot of the content so going back through at my own pace tends to keep me interested in WoW for a sustained period, especially since I have so little time between raiding.

But I get the how people get tired of this game after awhile. If you don't have  good group to play with...forget it. You'll prolly tire or bore after a year for sure. And it's not like there aren't nice distractions out there atm.

A year ago, the meta was kind of sparse in terms of connections and ways to interact. Now, it's easy to see WoW becoming a more outdated form of interfacing with other metazens. Time will tell if Blizzard decides to allow a little more social integration into the game. I hope it does.


Murchadha said...

Funny, no one has ever asked me "After all of these years of playing hockey, how does the game still keep you interested?"

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