Wednesday, May 06, 2009

This is Raiding, Do not Adjust your Mirrors

I've said before that Naxxramas and most of the pre 3.1 content totally spoiled casual raiders. Ten good people was enough to carry the rest of the 25 man team easily. People drifted on auto pilot and never paid much attention to performance. You could afford to play like this. And yes, I say play because I don't think the term "raiding" had anything to do with that type of instance encounter.

In Episode 41, I talked about resto shamans and about healing at that point. I stated it was very hard to talk about healing and methodologies at that time because nothing pushed us to really truly learn our class. It's not until you have challenging encounters that you really, really have to discover the minute fine tunings of your class mechanics.

You start to cut the fat, you learn fights per situation and learn survival vs risk behavior. You can't afford to be sloppy because it costs you time and effort. And it's in this type of mentality that you find real "raiding"....

rezrunbackCasual guilds tend to get flustered now that Ulduar is out and suddenly they are confronted with the evils of the nasty "P-word," PROGRESSION. This is raiding, my friends. It's upping the standards of everyone involved and expecting everyone, even the casual hop-around-Dalaran types to learn how to play their class finally.

In Naxx, you could afford to have only 20% of the raiders bring 100%. In Ulduar, you'll need at least 90% to bring everything to the table. Carrying half the raid is NOT an option.

I just want to say to casuals that are immensely frustrated right now expecting to one shot everything that this is normal. Don't be upset. Get better, play harder. Welcome to raiding.


Igoo said...

Amen, time to learn to CC and not break it. Everyone needs to carry bandages and health pots. Try harder, know your class and play smarter. Watching one youtube movie of the fight does not equal understanding the fight strat.

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