Monday, May 11, 2009

World of Podcast Episode 25

Had a great time on World of Podcast Sunday with @UncleThursday, @Eljeppy, and @Vork aka Jeff Lewis from The Guild.

I'll admit I don't always get The Guild but I really admire their use of new media and their appeal to the geek niche. I think I'm just weird like that or a bit snobbish about my geekdom. Who knows. In any case, it was a huge honor to meet Jeff Lewis. You always expect these types of actors to be all "rehearsed" and "sound bitey" but he was so grounded.

I told him after went off air that I thought he should do a podcast. He has a great voice for it. Also, I'd love to see him in The Office...I bet he'd make a hilarious character.

The really awesome part of the interview was that he was willing to go all off topic with us throughout the show. It's those types of moderate deviations of topic from the normal "so how do you like playing Vork" that I really enjoy.

Being able to geek out about new media was my favorite part for sure. It's my hope that he and others in the cast will help to really allow this new media to take off. Lonely Girl 15 started it, The Guild capitalized on it, and I hope many more creative ventures will follow.

Check out the return of Sam from World of Podcast in this interview: Welcome back!


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