Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sometimes it's not Enough

jae10mimSo after a few weeks of 25man frustrations in our guild, I had a chat with a few of the dedicated raiders. We all sort of came the conclusion that hitting our heads up against a wall was NOT FUN for any of us.

We all like challenges etc. but at some point you come to a realization of what is possible and what is absolutely futile. And if you keep hitting up futility just because... you tend to start hating the very idea of even logging on. Suddenly raid nights are a chore and you find yourself getting sleepy and grumpy every time you have to fly out to Ulduar.

I tried to tell my group that 5k dps is now the new standard and us having people still below 800dps is not only ludicrous it's just flat out irresponsible. A lot of them truly didn't believe me when I told them the new standard. 2k dps minimum as a base standards for 25man Ulduar? Try 3.5k.

And I hate it too when it gets to being all about numbers. It's not fun but you have to realize those numbers aren't that complicated actually. To achieve those types of numbers only takes a very minimal amount of research and practice. I truly don't think it's that much to ask for...or expect.

People repeatedly try to play the "gear card" and say "gear" is why I'm not good or can't be good. I'll say it a million times more. Gear can not make a player good. Gear can only make a player better. A good player is good regardless of what they're wearing and trust me, it's evident even when they are gear capped.

Needless to day, pumping all my energy back into our 10 man team has been really fun. As most raiders can attest, there's nothing like the feeling of a well oiled raid gunning there way through progression.

A new 10man team for the under-geared is forming up to help those who are new gear up for 25mans as well. I couldn't be more happy about this. We plan to reassess our 25man situation in about a month or so to see where we all are...


wow-daddy said...

well, at least i know it's not me, since even i'm better than 800 dps, gear or not (which is kara territory). :)

been swamped lately with work, baby, and house hunting, but am itching to come back and run one of these 10 mans!


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