Saturday, July 18, 2009


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I've been working on my Argent Tournament dailies for the past week or so trying to get enough tokens to move up to the larger ring to do even MORE dailies.

I finally got to the big tent and came across the daily called Threat from Above. It's a suggested 3 Players daily quest that requires you to kill 1x Chainmaw and 3x Cultist Bombardiers.

I flew out there thinking I was going to be able to easily solo it despite the player suggestion and nuke the hell out of this dragon and be done with it.... Flame shock! Lava Burst, Lightning Bo----- *SMACK* *SMACK*-- the Cultist spawn and boom, I'm dead.

I tried this about 3 times using all my cooldowns including heroism. I was very frustrated. I sat there for a bit trying to figure out how I could solo him and his ads when a horde orc DK came flying down. He pulled Chillmaw down and immediately started dropping down in health.

I must admit I was sort of delighted thinking I was going to get to watch this horde die to this mob that had been kicking my @ss. NO SUCH LUCK. While he hovered at 50% health, he never went below that and proceeded to pwn all the mobs down completing his quest.

This made me extremely pissed off... (you know qq class imbalance and all that). Finally after thinking on it for awhile, I decided to switch my spec back to resto and put on my healing gear.

Sure enough, with a combination of rotating Earth Shield and Water Shield on myself and using Flame Shock and FlameStrike Totem kiting, I was able to down them all by myself. It took me much longer than the DK but I was just happy that I could actually do it.

The next night, I ended up tanking Chillmaw for two horde clothies who cheered me on. /flex Shammy power! yeah, I dunno, sometimes I'm good to horde and sometimes I hate them.


Stuperfly said...

One of the reason's to group up for Chillmaw is because most people do the "At the Enemy's Gate" and "Battle Before The Citadel" dailies right after. You can get those done in 1-2 minutes with a small group.

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