Friday, July 24, 2009

Onyxia Revisited

This past weekend, Flipmax and I were wondering if Onyxia was doable with two people. The last time we had tried to take the dragon out was nearly a year ago when all we had attempted it with a level 70 mage and a level 70 druid. It did not go so well.


Curiosity satisfied, it is more than easy to take her out with two people. In fact, I’d she’s easily soloable for a good portion of the classes. Sadly, it was my shamans first time downing Onyxia! And of course the first thing we said as soon as we got into the instance was “odds left! evens right!” and after we downed Onyxia we killed every whelp in the caves. “like one if a F0000uuu***ing Million!” good times.


  As we were skipping out of the cave, we noticed a pit of lava below the path out of the instance. I decided to jump in and of course, Flipmax follows thus answer the famous question (if your friends jumped off, would you?). In any case, we got stuck in the lava with no way out!


Turns out, if you get qued into a BG from a pit of lava, you can AFK out and you’ll be transported ALIVE and well at the graveyard. :D


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