Monday, July 27, 2009

Purple and Shiny

I had my 10man raid do wish list for me so I could compile a loot list for all the bosses. I figured we’d have a couple of bosses we could start to skip after a few more rounds and then be able to concentrate on the super hard mode bosses.

Turns out, the list is a lot larger than I thought it would be which means EVERYONE is in need of upgrades from Ulduar hard modes. Several still need normal mode loot.

I tried out the site and chugged in my toon. I don’t agree with all their best in slot choices but my playstyle is probably different from the general play of 25man shaman heals since I only do 10mans.


It’s interesting just how much of the upgrades are NOT obtainable for me just from running 10man Ulduar. Just looking at my weapon…I can only hope for a side grade of sorts. Nothing about the Ulduar loot table was drool worthy from being fully decked in 25man Naxx gear.

I’m beginning to think this was not intended because I heard they are changing this in the new 10man content. Hopefully we’ll start seeing some decent upgrades.


Phayte said...

The Ulduar loot tables have always been meh. Nothing that screams "HEY! I'm a BiS upgrade!" Just slight upgrades/sidegrades. Which is why, as a healer, every hardmode encounter can be healed in Naxx/Maly/Sarth gear just fine.

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