Thursday, July 02, 2009

Rilletoo Gets a Gig

Rilletoo gets Paid
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Tough economic times in Azeroth. However, Rilletoo was able to find a gig from Grimand Elmore in Ironforge to deliver a crafted weapon to Mountaineer Stormpike in Loch Modan.

He set out of Ironforge and headed north in the snow, definitely regretting he chose to wear sandals. Being sort of a lost soul, he wondered around aimlessly and was easily distracted. For some reason he was compelled to collect every peacebloom and silversage along the way.

About midway to the Northgate Pass, he happened upon Amberstill ranch where he ran into a young female dwarf named Yarlyn Amberstill. Apparently the ranch was down on its luck and she was selling off her pet rabbits to try to earn money to buy feed for the rams.

Rilletoo was not in need of another companion as Thoggak (his voidwalker) was already a hassle to take care of. However, he felt sorry for the lady and scrounged his pockets for the 18 silver pieces to buy a snowshoe rabbit.

A few wondering sandal prints later and a lot more peaceblooms, Rilletoo finally arrived with the package and delivered it to Mountaineer Stormpike. He was paid 7 silver pieces! DOH! The whole trip ended up costing 11 silver!

Outraged, Rilletoo carted around Loch Modan raging curses among the living creatures.

Silly gnome he is...


Murpheus said...

Signed up especially so I could say,I'm loving the story so far,and looking forward to more.

Jake said...

Virtual Azeroth really does have a lot to offer in terms of story.

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