Monday, August 31, 2009

3 Trees Freya

I remember several weeks ago when we first attempted Freya with three trees still up (hardmode). Ground Tremor damage, sunbeams, and f*ck tons of damage all around. Everyone was screaming at me “Uncle! Uncle! No more!” lol.


So we stopped and pushed on to the other hard modes in Ulduar. However, now that we’re all a helluva lot more geared I thought we might be able to give her and her damn trees another go.


It was a three part learning experience for the hardmode. My raid group sometimes takes a little bit of drilling to finally get into the right mode.


First part: Yells for ground tremor means stop casting. No really, STOP!


Second part: Fury and Sunbeam on you or people around you means GTFO!


Third part: Learn to kite the Detonating Lashers (timing how much dps would be enough to not blow them up but give us enough time to nova them, kite away, and finish them off before they moved)


The third was the hardest and the only part that stopped us from downing her in the first hour of the raid. It finally took us gauging how much damage would lower the lashers enough to not destroy them and then timing frost nova rotations perfectly so we could kite away from the lashers before they blew us all up. For us it was 35% HP on the lashers before frost novas and running away and finishing them off with mage aoe.


This would have been so much easier with our hunter but he just happened to be out of town this weekend. LOL.


Now we’re down to one more Sigil before we can unlock Algalon and finally fully clear Ulduar. Of course, the one thing standing in our way is Hardmode Mimiron which we have never attempted before! DOH! Guess it’s time to push that button!


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