Monday, August 24, 2009

Return of Heroics

Return of Heroics
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A month ago, you'd ask in guild or general chat, "anyone want to run the Daily Heroic?" and you'd get the reply "wtf for?!"

However, now that the Heroic Daily Dungeon quest yields you two [Emblem of Triumph]s everyone is once again hitting up 5-mans.

I think this is great as it once again motivates people to group up and gives people a reason to run more of the content (again). To be honest, I thought I was totally done running heroic 5-mans after running the list for [Glory of the Hero]. Oddly enough, I started missing the dynamics of running a 5-mans. They're super intimate and are usually very easy and require little to no concentration so you have a lot of time to goof around and just chatter unlike raiding.

Also on a PvP server, the return of heroics means more ganking. lol. Outside of every heroic daily instance portal you can pretty much expect to see a pile of corpses. If you're lucky, you outnumber the horde but more often than not on Boulderfist, we take a beating trying to make it inside the instance.


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