Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Whose your Daddy?

Okay the title of the post has nothing to with the topic except it’s a lyric in the video music posted here. I thought it was a hilarious song…goes great with this video. Thanks to LoanzWow for posting it on youtube.

This video is a response to the question I asked myself about the Worgen race. I wanted to know what part of the worgen is customizable. Do you customize your human form or the worgen form. It looks from this video that it’s the worgen form that you tweak.

I was reading that they might end up using just a random human form or a generic human form for the transformation. I’m hoping that they allow human customization. I might have to rethink my desire to be worgen if I can’t make my static Alachia human form. That would be terribly disappointing.


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