Monday, November 02, 2009


(played with a portrait poster for Flipmax)

Started playing around with (doesn’t work with Chrome FYI). It’s quite good and fun. I will definitely be making a few posters.


At first I thought I might want a landscape poster since they show off backgrounds more…but after trying it a bit, I realized Draenei are too skinny and tall for the landscape portraits.


The customizations are pretty neat. Lots of backgrounds to choose from although I did not see my floating isle in Nagrand. LOL. It would also be awesome if I could change the character name so I could get my original spelling of Alachia.


My biggest problem is deciding which will the be the final poster. I’m so picky and will probably spend a few days tweaking the different possibilities.


No doubt these will make awesome Christmas gifts for friends. I plan on ordering a few as stocking stuffers. The only issue will be with all those alt-aholics out there. hehe.


Jarrod said...

If only the site out come up... It looks really cool though!

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